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Pardon me if this cosmic tune I’ve been singing since 2006…

PARDON ME IF THIS COSMIC TUNE I’ve been singing since 2006 has only one blasted note few people hear, but Saturn/ Pluto/ node together describes every type of death anxiety and obsessive behavior from the sublime to the most repetitive ridiculous, self-gratifying ritual you yourself probably indulged in this very morning.

But don’t be too embarrassed .
Because such antics are common to us all, and almost always tied to the unconscious denial of death anxiety we are now doomed to try to escape and pretend is not happening.

Instead getting to the source of our rage and frustration, probing the bottom of a deep issue plaguing us, embracing it and solving it once and for all, we humans constantly busy and distract ourselves with 1001 tasks and jolly inanities to keep war from being declared.
It’s hard to believe, but Pluto is actually the healer in your life, as you will see over the next year. And that some of the stuff we will be talking about in San Francisco and live streaming on Sunday, October 20.
Live and live stream from San Francisco California