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Social!? You expect me to be nice and smiley and social?!


You expect me to be pleasant and social and find joy in relationships right now, when I’m just about ready to pack my things and run as far away as I can get, only I don’t go because I know when I get there I’ll be facing the same mess?
Relationships! Please, give me a break. It hasn’t been this complicated since the snake screwed up Adam and Eve. This is getting too complicated now.
Love triangles. Love- hate triangles hi honey. Come lay down with me for a minute. And then transgender on top of everything. Period.
I don’t call this diplomacy I call this complete madness. And I have to be pleasant and social through it all?
October 2019 starts off with a bang. Seeking and honoring justice with a positive attitude, when you observe justice being distorted and perverted right in front of your eyes?
This new moon is a challenge with Venus square Saturn Sextile Jupiter square Pluto.
What a dance.
This planetary configuration represents the attempt to maintain balance, equilibrium and normalcy at a time when all systems are collapsing in the wake of inevitable change.
Family constellations, personal alliances, intimate relationships, corporate, economic and political structures are all caving in on themselves.
Artificial devices and prosthetics can prop up what appears on the surface to be business as usual of course.
It’s so hard to face the enormity of such a shift, without just pulling the plug on the whole way of life.
The resistance to face it, as I have been saying, is the unconscious defense against anxiety, so ironically, it’s perfectly normal to attempt normalcy even though normalcy has gone out the window.
But let’s remember to be nice and place the napkin neatly on our laps  and avoid a food fight.
Aries Aries rising

You need people to keep you from getting arrested —well at least steady and coolheaded, mainly because as we all know, you are the most wonderful, brilliant, gorgeous person the world has ever known, and all bosses and authority figures are assholes, but… You still have to maneuver your way through a society and you have to act civilized enough to do it.
Taurus Taurus rising
Whether your brain is cosmically expanded or just plain damaged, you still seem to need to work steadily and consistently and avoid extremes. So before you leave on the midnight plane for god-knows-where,  just try streamlining and simplifying your life a little bit so you can remain healthy in body and mind. Equanimity can be more restorative than any elaborate or exotic scheme or device to keep you from screaming with boredom
Gemini Gemini rising
It’s a blessing to have love in your lifeas you do and to share an experience warm and loving feelings —despite those moments of panic or dread or money worries or futility that break in and attempt to ruin your positive cheerful attitude. Keep your heart open to those near are far away, and let nothing interfere with the one thing that it sustains us all. That’s the kind of stuff that lives forever.
Cancer Cancer rising
Holding relationships together is a full-time job when you don’t have a cooperation from the other people who just can’t seem real ght now to hold up their end of the deal. It can become a struggle full of dirty politics and disappointment if you deviate even slightly from your highest goals of loyalty and integrity. Deep down it is still about preserving family bonds and maintaining intimacy, nurturing connections —Even if those bonds seem to interfere with the rest of your life.
Leo Leo rising
In your sincerest search for mastery, well-being of mind body and spirit, it is prudent right now to seek excellence in all you attempt to serve. It’s much deeper than a mere cheerful Rah-rah  “we can do it” attitude. Granted, however, positivity goes along way to help people (and yourself ) up the ladder of consciousness. Now especially it is vital to achieve a brilliant balance between a healthy optimistic attitude and the gravity of the challenges we all face.
Virgo Virgo rising
Emotionally speaking, traumatic realizations and resulting separations are difficult experienced  to face. Prosperity and security can be yours, however, provided you maintain your wish for yourself to have good luck as well  as the rest of humanity,  and you can hold onto the sanity and equilibrium everyone expects from you. Keep steady and temperate in your financial affairs and find nurturing relationships to support you in your private life. Love problems? That’s between you and your heart. Just don’t get too lost inThe fantasy of it all.
Libra Libra rising
Venus in your sign gives you a significant advantage in dealing with domestic or family issues that seem insoluble sometimes. But it does also give you personal powers over all stresses that gnaw at your sense of security. Handling personal dynamics especially in the family, especially parent child issues that arise, require not only cheerful pep talks, but a true sense of rational and compassionate calm that restores peace in the home and sanity to your mind.
Scorpio Scorpio rising
Spiritual salvation and awareness are meaningful pursuits at the moment. As you will see,  it’s not just a lot of woo-woo gibberish. Turn your mind inward and employ patience,  compassion and generosity towards siblings and all the people around you from here on in. Remember to seek to understand those individuals who are “unevolved”and try to tailor your communications to reach the unreachable. Even if it takes superhuman abilities to speak a language many beings fail to comprehend and listen. Especially siblings.
Sagittarius Sagittarius rising
You’re still blessed by the universe as usual, of course. Your  happy approach (  everything is a wonderful lesson )  can go a little far, however. Maybe if you deny financial pressures long enough they may eventually go away. Maybe that’s why it’s good idea to keep good friends around to support you and help you understand the events of the coming months in the outside world. We all need our optimism and fortitude plus a good sense of practicality to live in the economic and political realities of 2020, Including how the world outside will affect our sense of well-being.
Capricorn Capricorn rising
We all know how you feel now. Well, maybe not totally, mainly because the bus  you feel you have been thrown  under hasn’t completely crushed you or gotten the hell off you already. But there’s always good news. First of all, pressure only strengthens Capricorn. In addition,With Sagittarius on your solar 12th house Jupiter’s position, at least for now,  indicates that there is somebody behind the curtain  looking out for you and helping you through these tough Capricorn transis. Besides, this could turn out to be your shining moment.
Aquarius Aquarius rising
Friendship. Whether people annoy you or not and whether you’re not as clubby as Aquarians are supposed to be, you will find that friendship is uplifting and certainly buoys you up.
Try not to dwell on those thoughts that you have missed your great window of opportunity. It is not so. Thank heaven you do have people to encourage you and right now you have a fertile mind to plan your future exploration Or your next plan of attack on greatness, which can definitely happen if you just stop torturing yourself and watch from The sidelines until the time is right
Pisces Pisces rising
Despite the darling dizziness of the Neptune transit in your sign,  what can you do bud  continue on your path with faith, cloudy and confusing as the whole thing maybe. Keep swimming, even if you have no idea where the hell you are going or why. Oddly enough, favorable influences from the people in charge or in your public life will support you and your reputation now. Your personal allure is operating on High. The direction, however is still  a mystery, maybe more unclear than ever,  But oddly enough, Even if it’s the last thing on your mind, Neptune always adds. Glamour

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Great message! Thank you. This Pisces is swimming in two directions. Both are compelling. Destination unknown. I don’t ask questions; I just show up.

Such a comprehensive take on present conditions, best in a long time thank you for the weekly & monthly readings at this time of confusing and confronting change.

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