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Uranus in Taurus, First Jolt


JUST A PEEK into the future decade

It does usually begin with a calamity of one sort or another. You know, like a crowded elevator plunging 25 stories down and nobody gets hurt miraculously.

Or they’re all crushed and new building codes change life and make it  saferfor everyone. Uranus can go one way or the other you just never know. That plan always seems to completely screw you up in the beginning.  Bam!

Just like that.

I say “seems to”, because it’s really a message from the Universe that something in your life is stale and needs refreshing. Something has to shift positions drastically by challenging your whole idea of what incredibly amazing growth you are really capable of.

And when you look back on these things later in retrospect, you see how valuable they really are.

But in the moment the shocks require adjustments to the max.

You think you’re prepared for the whammy! But that’s exactly when your spontaneity and genius must kick in to metabolize the events that occur and integrate them into your life —-that’s the planet Uranus

You are changed even neurologically by the electromagnetic wave that sends you 1,000,000 1/2 V of pure cosmic energy. So naturally the news will freak you out, especially when the planet is in the earth sign of Taurus from 2019  to 2026…. In fact everyone on the whole planet is going to get a shake up, and what a bounce it is.

Some call it climate change. Others claim is Christ’s revenge on the godless. Is it the secret members of the New World order and their paramilitary henchmen? Maybe it’s those poor, helpless aliens circling the globe who get blamed for everything.

Fact is, everything that’s either profitable or good to eat will put us all to the test, even white-collar thieves and super fat people we all go on notice. The last time the planet Uranus passed through Taurus in the 30s, Hitler got  his big ideas and Roosevelt woke up Benjamin Franklin.

Thyroid problems may appear more often, mainly because Taurus rules the throat and Uranus is sometimes surprise growths, not to mention all the radiation is flowing around. So add that and then remember that it’s Taurus, so  people will still be pigging out on Ben & Jerry’s.

But it’s no laughing matter when the wagon skids off the Cosmic freeway during freak cyclones and crashes into all our horoscopes. It’s a big giant WTF,  in all of our horoscopes as the nutcracker of life opens our head to new possibilities.

And open us up, it will do so.

So never think you’re too rich to be poor or too poor to be transformed by Destiny..

A look through the Signs:

We use the solar houses putting the Sun on the ascendant and erect 12 whole sign houses.  But you can use any system compatible with western tropical astrology, mainly because other systems might certainly have different renderings of meaning when Uranus enters Taurus.


Aries Aries Rising

It’s actually a great ride, because moneywise you’ll never be bored.  It’s wacky, you’ll lose your wallet on the seat of a taxi, and find it in your bedroom just where you left it.  Your stock will split, you’ll find yourself baking bread for fun and all of a sudden it’s a national brand.  Grandma’s cheap fake engagement ring grandpa got out of a gumball machine, turns out to have belonged to Nefertiti.  But actually that’s Nefertiti Goldstein from Hoboken whodied in a ferris wheel accident in Six Flags Amusement Park.  So when you return it to the Goldstein family they write you a check for $85,000 because they’ve been looking for that ring which is rumored to bring fortune to anyone who touches it, even though grandma loved it because it was grandpa’s engagement gift.   Make sure you declare that $85,000 gift. To book a session

Taurus Taurus Rising

When Uranus enters your sign, the safe little existence you may have crafted goes kerflooey on steroids as every aspect of your life is shaken up.  It’s life in the new L.A. type thing.  So you don’t want to go and start predicting things for yourself or your loved ones, positive or negative.

For one thing, Uranus represents unexpected finds, a secret unearthed.  So it’s never the thing you guessed it to be. Never. It’s the thing you absolutely never dreamed in a million years.   You can do a zillion statistical equations, assumptions and theorems, but never expect how or what way you’ll be not so politely asked to get up off your fat ass and do something new.So hunkering down in your underground bunker is not gonna cut it when zyzzxyyzx happens.  Do something relevant for  yourself, according to nobody’s specifications but your own.  To book a session


Gemini and Gemini Rising

This is a trick one, mainly because the solar transit, the 12th house transit leads you, and encourages you and if necessary eventually hurls you into opening a communication between you and. . . God, Heaven, or some sort of spiritually enriching direction. That’s just exactly what it is, a spiritually enriching direction whether you’ve been a perfectly normal, law-abiding citizen or serial killer on the run, this position at the 12th house of Uranus changes your orientation to society.  It even shows you how false and shallow that which passes for “normal” life actually is.” You actually turn away from the public and all that “normalcy” in order to search for great meaning in what has become a meaningless and dizzying merry-go-round.

I say tricky because over the next 6 years, the deeper you go in your search for redemption, release from the past and liberation, the bigger the challenge to cope with the mystery of how events that are supposed to be freeing you are becoming ever more complex to understand.  You’re learning a whole new language now, one without words.  To book a session


Cancer Cancer Rising

Politics will shatter group dynamics and could send you flying. And nobody ever escapes politics in this world.  From international conglomerates down to your kitchen cooking circle, there’s always one guy or gal whose dissension or behavior blows a whistle and disturbs the whole equilibrium, which Cancer do not like.

You have to realize the enormous shakeup will challenge your desire and goal to keep working for humanity.  The question is money, fundraising, ethics, and efforts to restore a group to oneness when the crack in the formation demands change + greater transparency. To book a session


Leo Leo Rising

No escaping the spotlight now.  Seems contradictory sure, Leos are rumored to always upstage their fellow actors and hog the attention.  Not always true, especially in this case.  With Uranus you’re going to skyrocket to the fore, seemingly out of nowhere and you could become #1 on your own hit parade.  It’s iffy as hell because sometimes scandalous behavior captures the public attention and sometimes it backfires right in your face.  Stepping across a line that is normally accepted as appropriate creates a lot of bounce, but with your ambition and integrity you take the heroic consequences maybe it’s worth the rest. To book a session


Virgo Virgo Rising

Work + health.  Work and health.  You’ve gotta get sick of having Virgo? Oh that’s work and health. What about love + relationships, isn’t Uranus doing something? Sure but the big news (good for a change) is that if you are in any sort of service or business, even with the economy iffy, international markets and opportunities could spring out of nowhere.  What became boring or humdrum gets a major overhaul and you reveal sides of your consciousness all to hidden until now.  Oh yes, brain shit demands you let the old conscious realities, go and find new routes to communication and well-being. Pathways of the brain and higher consciousness you can overcome. To book a session


Libra Libra Rising

Debt- the boogieman of everybody, no matter how rich you are, you hate d-e-b-t- springing up and coming out of now where, not to mention the reality of the brevity of life itself.  Uranus is in the solar 8th is about taking a leap of faith financial and understanding the consequences of debt that make life uncomfortable as hell.  Who owes what to whom is often a big red herring in divorce cases when deep down the fundamental issues are usually love + sex.  Even in business where you might normally think love + sex are not part of the dynamic, if you’re honest with yourself you’ll see power of  issues of dominance, control and submission.  Givers + takers and the surprising reversal in sexual roles can often defy traditional physical gender.  Chew on that one.  And yeah, yeah you could die at any moment.  Everybody deals with the fact that the real purpose of this transit is to help you enjoy every moment here + now. To book a session


Scorpio Scorpio Rising

No way to prepare yourself for everything but lightning flash enlightenment on the subject of human relationships.  They can appear in a flash, almost blind you with their power and suddenness, but what when they disappear or explode you are left with seeing how people are perfect mirrors for your own behavior no matter how different from you they seem at first. Although you may cling to the notion that Fate or Destiny sends people yourway, what brings you into such strange or subtle unions is your own need to exchange energy with another and learn first-hand through experience how important boundaries are in relationships and how to accept people’s odd behaviors without being overrun by it. To book a session


Sadge Sadge Rising

Regular western doctors have all the necessary licenses and credentials for examining patients, diagnosing problems and prescribing various remedies.  Once in a while an “alien” bug sneaks into the system, one that escapes traditional skill + know how to treat. That’s when some people turn to other avenues.  Uranus in the 6th poses such possibilities mainly because unusual situations are often just as usual and maybe simple, less radical solutions.

If you wish to quit a day job which was bugging you anyway, you’ll have to survive by your wits and useall your brain power to invent way to thrive in an overwhelmingly competitive market place. To book a session


Capricorn Capricorn Rising

On these last few years, you probably made your attempt to gain + maintain greater control over your life, mainly because you felt you could lose it.  You’ve learned, however, that the more you get, the more you have to worry about losing. Now once the strong Capricorn energy  wanes, you should be able to enjoy life and expand your creativity withUranus in your 5th house.  Through children + grand children even, and even in some cases love affairs you never though could happen. If you have been grim and in a state of contraction, Uranus is Taurus lures you back into the playing field and moves you willingly to play the game.  Uranus makes it no longer about survival, but the ability to enjoy. To book a session

Aquarius Aquarius Rising

Remember that the transformation and world revolution taking place as Saturn and then Pluto  go into Aquarius, will be probably the Most profound experience you ever meet in your life.  Uranus in Taurus begins the process with its upheaval from the plot of land you live on to the very makeup + constellation of your family life. Part of a new You will come into your own + will be living a life you thought was gone, and that will help immeasurably to restructure your life from the ground up.  As stability-loving as members of your sign surprisingly are, you’ve got to be filled with excitement.  Real estate prices and deals maybe go wild and your never know which deals may be blown. But the excitement of being part of a new game has got to be a rush. To book a session


Pisces Pisces Rising:

You can’t think straight.  Words fail you or get jumbled as they try to be expressed.  Pisces is known to be a silent sign anyways, but during this transit you are stimulated to write and think in a new and ingenious way.  So now you will definitely get the chance to stop out of your normal role and realize how much you really have to say.  The trick will be in finding your voice. To best explain this I refer the reader to the marvelous play and movie “The Miracle Worker” the story of Helen Keller and her aunt Sullivan.  Given up for lost to all communication it is  the near miraculous occurrence of the child Helen Keller learns to understand the basic connection between a word and it’s meaning who went on to become a world famous communicator(definitely see the movie).

Bring tissues.  To book a session