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Heroes and Traitors 2019

IT was in the flush  of Summer, in June 2006 when I was hit with a strong inspiration to write something about what I thought was going to happen in America and the world in coming years. My editors and publishers were naturally wary.  It all seemed so crazy the stuff I was writing, but I couldn’t stop. In spite of a lot of resistance I did publish the piece in Vanity Fair “Special Alert: Horoscope USA”—-

with the help of tremendously talented editors Wayne Lawson and Matt Pressman in January 2007.

 It still can be found on the VANITY FAIR website and there is not a week that goes by that I don’t get requests for copies of it  13 years later.  It was in that piece that my strong feelings about the  Pluto return‘s  conflicting definitions between her heroism and treason would arise in the teens of 2000. I’m saying this right  now:

 The real story lies deep deep deep under the surface even as we speak.   What passes for current events is current fiction. Look  beneath what you see.  Listen beneath what you hear. Heroism and Treason are terms Completely relative to the time during which the games are being played. And key players in this game are yet to be revealed.

Emotions are so hot now, tempers are so short now, angers and grievances are so inflamed right now that lovers, mates, cousins and best friends are at each other’s throats over the issue of what is heroism and what is treason. People have little or no tolerance for opposing  views, mainly because we Are on the precipice before world revolution, and deep down everybody knows it. What’s more, they know they’re being lied,to and that’s what’s driving everybody crazy.  People go crazy when they know one thing is true and have to pretend it’s not. 

It will take years and years and years to untangle the mess and re-construct a new version of reality of what is actually going on in America and the world.  Maybe will never find out if the butler did it. And any good drama or a mystery it’s never the obvious culprit. Look beneath what you see. Listen beneath what you hear.

And remember: today’s hero could be tomorrow’s traitor and tomorrow’s hero could be today’s traitor.

Today’s madman could be tomorrow’s genius and tomorrow’s madman could be today’s genius. What seems implausible, paranoid, crazy and crackpot today could make perfect sense when Pluto becomes under the astrological disposition not of Saturn but of the planet Uranus.

So don’t even try to guess who is who. It will play out several ways at once none of them predictable with the parameters and stakes so cleverly deflected from view. Money, resources and control are the prize, But we’re not even told who’s playing.

This is a galactic size revolution and mind-expanding point of material, cultural and spiritual evolution. It seems like a blazing inferno out of control, but seen from a greater perspective, the crisis we now face, Is a mere campfire  to roast marshmallows on.

more to come









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We read this together when it first came out, and we often comment about how prescient it was these days. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

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