Daily Fix

16 Jun: Whodunnit?

–jared asks:
Is the Shadow Government actually spraying some damned shit in the chemtrails that makes me feel like laying here like this for the rest of my life?
–Mikey answers; Could well be.
That, plus Neptune.

10 Jun: Remember “the plot thickens?”

pluto is moving sliwly abd quietly into the ladt section of Capricorn.

And slowly we learn  that everything we build to last forever in society..doesn’t. A world revolution will disclose the undiscloseable



09 Jun: Jupiter goes direct: At last…

Finally you get exactly the right kind of support  just where you need it most!

Stay tuned right here next week. More to see

07 Jun: Full Moon in Sadge on a Jupiter Station

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it…

06 Jun: Venus returns to Taurus

all honor to Aphrodite and the Iris and love

05 Jun: Snow white wakes up

Week of june 5,  2017:

An offer is made.

more to come


27 May: Mutable TSquare Challenges Everyone

WEEKLY MESSAGE MAY 23—- Although The tsquare challenges everyone ( especially Virgos or anyone else with mid to late mutables or 10-12 Fixed), The presence of uranus brings unexpected good news in the middle of bad Into the mix comes a newly enlivened Venus to conjoin uranus. Also good news…


25 May: Pardon our bugs

This is our brand-new website we’re totally jazzed about it. There may be some glitches in the beginning but have we got surprises for you


19 May: The Nodes and the eclipse

If you follow the north node for the next 18 months you’re bound to discover gold. Only thing is, you have to recognize it when you see it,  and not blow it with imbecilic distractions .