Daily Fix

12 Feb: Looking forward to the New Moon

This approaching lunation, on February 15–16, Will prove to be a blessing of restoration. The blue red lunar eclipse We recently experienced brought much loss and separation. We are still reeling from it.

Just remember to hold your space inwardly and outwardly  until then.  The Moon is now besieged,  traveling  between Saturn,  Pluto and the South node,  so emotionally it’s not prudent to push and try to solve everything yesterday. Emotions are  jangled, and we are all bumpily staggering forward, so cool it with making huge changes, actions or decisions in this dark Moon. Just  Be here, and don’t make a big production of it.

05 Feb: When Uranus changes Sign…

When Uranus changes Sign ( every seven years) it rocks your life. If you come upon an impossible obstacle, you cut right through it. As it wobbles between Aries and Taurus from February 2018 to March 2019, keep this message on your desk or near your bed.
I’ve crafted this 2800 word piece to help steady your course as you go, mainly because when Uranus wobbles, somebody always stands up in the damned boat. Here’s the message:

02 Feb: sun south node: where we do the most ridiculous….

Sun south node: a sign of  Deviant, oddball, ridiculous but persistent unavoidably, defensively,
compulsively funny unconscious even self-destructive behavior:

You have to bridge your own feelings of emptiness right now in an effort to get back to wholeness, So why do we do exactly the opposite from what we’re supposed to be doing?

People are funny—well not funny at all, just odd as hell. When the Sun and the south note of the Moon are in conjunction, that’s when you’re the most sensitive about where you are the weakest.
People tend to act the most defensively and make all kinds of attempts to cover up insecurities or inadequacies, And wildly overcompensate and cling to notions of themselves they should be letting go of— At least temporarily.

Take Leo right now for instance: After all the big hoopla and fanfare about relationships, it’s hard to pass through that moment of feeling completely empty about the whole thing. So what do you do? Your cover-up.
With Taurus—-just the opposite. They’re making a big deal out of the career issue in order to avoid the need for intimacy and family.
Pisces: chasing mystical and magical answers for simpler, more straightforward measures of healthy life style. They need a vacation just when they should go to work.
Virgo also just the opposite: attempting madly to go on functioning normally when what they need is rest and meditation.
Scorpio: suddenly getting all cozy and cooking from scratch, staying in bed when they should get up and get out.
Aquarius : like animals to try to get out of a cage to prove their independence, when they really need to be domesticated right now and receive help from others.?
It’s weird like that with everybody.

We hate to reveal that part of our lives are out of balance, so we create these artificial, prosthetic devices to appear completely normal and together and whole and. Especially sane, when everybody knows we are scared as hell we are kind of losing it—when the Sun isvat the south node.
That’s what an eclipse is all about. It shows where we beed to restore balance and describes the area we have to let go a little bit and recognize we’re hanging onto a part of reality we no longer need.

Aries—your ferocious hold on independence when what you need is intimate love and children around.
Libra: you need friends not lovers.
Gemini you don’t need to fly to the ends of the Earth. You just have to hang onto your mobility And stay in communication.
Sadge : the answer lies in your own, higher mind, so why get defensive if it feels like nobody is listening to you?
Cancer—spend your own money not anybody else’s— go for loyalty instead of passion
Capricorn just the opposite: money rarely substitues for a good roll in the hay, although it helps

All these oddball things are fleeting flashes of behavior to show us That despite our own regressive or infantile actions,? we all eventually have to eventually grow up and do what we’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

01 Feb: Repairing a rift

If you and another party have experienced a split, this is the perfect time to reevaluate the strength or weakness of that bond. Such events can either blow people apart…

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31 Jan: Aftermath of eclipse and separation


31 Jan: After the eclipse

It’s natural post-eclipse to feel disconnected,  unplugged and drained of juice after the deed is done. What deed? You acting unconsciously to create distance between you and a certain party.

31 Jan: One possible solution to the eclipse

Acknowledge your own behavior, claim TEMPORARY LUNACY, and hope the judge* gets the joke.
*“Judge not, lest ye”…you know the rest.

30 Jan: Hurt feelings and the eclipse

It could be a case of hurt feelings, rejection, sense of abandonment or disappointment, miffed, harrumphed-arms-folded-across-chest-case closed,” Get outta my life, you Creep!” Or …”Something is wrong here and we have to fix it.”  And the message is….

30 Jan: Disuptions and the eclipse

This eclipse is like about 12 retrograde Mercurys happening at once, when
The best made plans of mice and people often go awry……..what an eclipse