2017 October

12 Oct: Venus Mars Chiron

 The touch of tragic irony in a relationship when you have to let go

11 Oct: Half-cracked?

  GEMINI SURROUNDED but not only Gemini EVERYBODY Is HALF-CRACKED! Probably your greatest asset is your mental mobility you can wiggle in and out of places A snake couldn’t manage to squeeze into and you go up and down easier than a slinky. A gemini will pop up in a…

10 Oct: Jupiter in Scorpio

Grateful for the innkeeper’s generosity, The traveler drains his flagon, and, whistling his favorite tune, merrily resumes his journey.
Refreshment, replenishment, inspiration

more to come

10 Oct: Mutable square

The peaceful mind is distracted by a thousand beeping horns. Pain and pleasure mix in a tasteless concoction that satisfies no appetite. It is a stream of consciousness as thoughts go flitting by like leaves in a rushing current.

09 Oct: Scorpios: you know what you need right now?

Jupiter in the 12th —prayers are answered

09 Oct: JUPITER IN LIBRA—final word

Although We published this months ago, In these last moments of Jupiter in libra check it out. Support exactly where you need it most! Jupiter goes direct in the sign of Libra. Show gratitude and rejoice, while keeping in mind the big picture. Jupiter opposite Uranus square Pluto: this could…

08 Oct: Jupiter departure from Libra

Rejoice for the liberation of all sentient beings. May all who sorrow Achieve joy!

07 Oct: Drip drip drip

Jupiter Libra until wednesday EARLY AM-nyc:
The last few cosmic dropsof a planetary transit define its meaning and leave behind gems of wisdom and memories of experience that last forever.
Not to mention the taste in your mind’s mouth.

06 Oct: MoonUranusJupiter

Throw a conniption fit then kiss and make up