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Jupiter in Scorpio

Grateful for the innkeeper’s generosity, The traveler drains his flagon, and, whistling his favorite tune, merrily resumes his journey.
Refreshment, replenishment, inspiration

more to come

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Faye and I grew a Pumpkin Tree ! It renews our sparkle eyes !

I was driving and changed lanes to go around the car in front of me who was stopped and waiting to make a left turn. The car behind me did the same thing. When I moved back into the left lane, I cut the car off behind me. He honked at me and I honked at him while moving to a yellow light. I slowed down just in time for it to turn red making myself the only one of us, who could cross the intersection. I have really long arms so I’m sure he saw the midle finger waving from across the other side of the street. First day of Jupiter in Scorpio.

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