2017 October

26 Oct: A big one

With Jupiter momentarily invisible, maybe you can’t see that you are having good luck. In fact in some cases it’s even almost too much of a good thing, a big one.

25 Oct: Strraannngge bedfellows

Sun Opposition Uranus

19 Oct: October 2017: A magical moon

1982-1984 A NEW PERSPECTIVE Whether you were born before or after… I SAID “Stay tuned” Not to keep you hanging in suspense, but before I decided it was worth a whole new message, I had to think it through. Here is a unique opportunity for us to reassess all of…

18 Oct: 1982-1984 mean anything special?

Hot Flash:
If you were born around 1982-84
Or you have a strong memory of that period,
This could be a healing moment.
Stay tuned.

16 Oct: Check out this daily

It affects everybody for the whole day the week and the month, mainly because of the lunation that occurs smack in the middle of October. There’s a free part and a purchase part, So you don’t have to buy anything to receive some useful information. Will you will both  be…

14 Oct: The eclipse of august: breaking the spell

Today the Moon will pass over 28 degrees of Leo, retracing the path carved by the Total Eclipse of this past August that swept over the entire United States, followed soon after by Venus and Mars. Remember this? “What a plot twist! “What an emotionally charged initiation on matters of…