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full moon in taurus: hunger for contact

The Full moon in Taurus is largely about the craving of physical union, fertilization, the power of appetite in humans and animals, and— in lower beings to take whatever someone else has.
Kidnapping is involved mainly to wrench a person away from an over attachment to a third party. Triangular relationships arise when a “ stranger” appears on the scene—a rivetingly attractive stranger who “takes you away” from what you were doing, Spirits you away to another dimension of living.
Because it’s time for you to do just that.

It is a revisitation of the Pluto/Persephone myth and for us today as astrologers we have to apply an intelligent approach to the difference between seduction and kidnapping.

It certainly is a touchy issue.
As members of a society we agree on codes of behavior, standards of conduct, and  agreed-upon methods  of courtship and bonding.
When individuals step out of Those codes and standards, they have to answer for their behavior.
There is also a metaphysical and Astrological factor, a highly controversial one.
It involves this particular Full Moon.
Scorpio Taurus.
People are drawn together often by forces we do not understand.
Is a difficult issue.

Why would Pluto up from the underworld at that moment and take Persephone down to His lair, and leave Demeter all alone?
How and why do planets align to bring people together at a certain moment in space and time to change their lives forever?
Why does fertilization take place when it does?What makes people who are not otherwise starving,  so hungry? Why are so many in this world actually starving?
You don’t haveto be a Scorpio or a Taurus to be grappling with these issuesright now.

the scorpio taurus axis
in relationships
Why is “kidnapping”  so often involved?
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There definetly seems to be pushing and pulliing
How about those beautiful fists in the air
And billiejean haircuts
Animals get cages humans get friends

Rebecca (Becky) Ferrell

Mikey — This (Your words) shit does work. 🙂 You’ve nailed it, yet once again.

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