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Second Monthly in March, New Moon on Chiron

Please makes sure you have these two messages handy, they will help your further understand the journey of Chiron leaving Pisces. Chiron at the End of the Zodiac and Chiron in Pisces.

Check out these dates for the last of Chiron in Pisces,  it goes into Aries on April 17, 2018, then goes back into Pisces from Sept 25, 2018 until February 18, 2019 when it finally goes back into Aries for good.

And here is a thumbnail look on how it will affect the signs.

Aries Ares rising

You really should take a time out from your busy schedule of proving you’re super strength to everyone. You need some private time, downtime private contemplation. We are all in awe of your resourcefulness, spitfire energy and determination to beat all the odds, which you have already done 100 times over already.

There also needs to be moments, however, when it’s time to retire to your private chamber. Not for doubt, regret or self recrimination, but to remind you of the great gifts you have been given and to congratulate yourself for the gifts of inspiration you have provided for others.

Secretly I know there is grief there. It’s visible to me astrologically and emotionally to those close to you who know how brave you have been.

It’s OK to reminisce. Remember you still have a life ahead of you.


Taurus Taurus rising

Let’s face it people are flawed. Sometimes they are painfully human and it takes heart to forgive.

They can be such fools that they make tainted deals and break sacred ones. And where you were once maybe the very center of your sewing circle, book club, church group or ball team, you could suddenly feel like a stranger in a strange land around any of them.

So now you have to probe deeply into the spiritual meaning behind any backroom deals or traitorous acts goings-on and not look upon any of it in any personal way, because it’s not. It takes guts to forgive and forget, and it’s possible as long as you hold a grudge.

Find it in your heart to carry-on with new resolve and do your best to raise the level of all the humans you touch.


Gemini Gemini rising

You probably feel like you’re riding on a bus with no driver, so it’s easy to be freaking out. In a screwed up system like we have – – chaotic and mindless there’s nowhere to run really. Whether it’s your boss, the government or your mother or even a healthcare system you’re under, you have to find your own way now within the box. And that’s the maddening thing.

Keeping your dream alive and intact is a full-time job, and that’s not easy if you literally have a full-time job that is draining all your patience and creativity. While you may still have to play ball with an aggravating hierarchy you cannot control, you must not let an archaic bureaucracy erode or assassinate your integrity.

Besides, what makes truth? Your own perception? Or the rules you have to live under?


Cancer Cancer rising

Where to find peace of mind? Where is there an answer to life‘s questions? Where can you discover a person, place or thing to nourish you, and your doubts, fulfill your dreams and finally put an end to your searching?

Fact is, maybe the answer lies in only another journey and not the destination. If you absolutely loathe

and despise any highfalutin didactic people who think they know it all, I humbly apologize ahead of time even for speaking.

If every destination turns out to be a relay station only urging you on to the next place on and on, that’s disappointing. But now you must come to terms and find your own answer to what you think life has been all about, and how to keep the journey fresh and exciting despite your moral exhaustion.


Leo Leo rising

You know what’s interesting? Some people claim that the origin of preoccupation with sex and sexual attractiveness can be found in the defense against death anxiety.

Sounds nutty at first, but makes more sense the more you think about it – – about what connection could exist between sex addiction and obsession to remain young.

Whether it’s age, attractiveness or life itself, I bring it up now because many Leo’s have indeed been touched by death or the thread of it or the confrontation with it, so it’s actually understandable to me how that could easily be displaced onto one’s level of perceived magnetism or youthfulness just to quell that dread.

Once we understand the brevity of life and the fact that it is all an illusion, your existence is far more beautiful and far less pressured.


Virgo Virgo rising

Here’s a twister: not in a long long time, maybe ever, have you allow yourself to feel so connected to another being so deeply, all the time knowing that you mustn’t let down your precious boundaries.

Virgos are sometimes scared of drowning in their own emotions and get themselves dragged into a situation way over their head, that they didn’t bargain for.

There are however, moments like these when even the most down to earth, levelheaded, practical Virgo let’s down their guard, and, bloomers showing, open themselves wide to find love and connection. In order to do that you must be willing to deal with an individual who is either caught up with excesses, but in some way a huge challenge do your wish to make everyone perfect.


Libra Libra rising

If you have ever experienced both Eastern and Western medicine, then you already know how miracles can actually happen in both modes of healing.

They should be particularly interesting to you now. In Western if you’re in a traumatic situation, it’s the best. I have actually seen them screw a woman’s head back on, perform five complicated surgeries on her spine and digestive system put her in a medically induced coma that was two years ago, now she’s a salsa dancer. There should be particularly interesting to you now.

I have also seen Chinese medicine restore an individual at deaths door to 100% health through herbs, acupuncture, diet and mental discipline.

I’m not selling one over the other, I merely am saying that right now you are at a crucial Nexus point. It’s important to understand what your true work is, from here on in. You already have seen how intricately body and mind operate together, but from here on in you must see the effect of mind on health and how dedicated you are to healing yourself.


Scorpio Scorpio rising

Love such as you have never experienced before or since, ever think about that? It may have been the person you should have married right out of high school. And maybe you did. Or it just could be your child or your dog or any being, human or otherwise who’s very existence has been able to unwind you completely. That kind of love unravels the tightest reign anyone always had on themselves. It allows you to be open and vulnerable, even a card carrying Scorpio like you. There’s no place to go for that, but it always poses a dilemma. Can you hold on and let go at the same time? Do you have it in you to love with all your heart and still permit another being to fill a destiny that is way beyond your comprehension or ability to control; we’re not talking about a high school crush. This is leading with the heart.


Sagittarius Sagittarius rising

It’s perfectly OK with me right now if your house is a total wreck. In fact, I would feel better if it was a mess because I would know you were in tune with the universe. Why? Deep down where you live in your most inner area, you are in a state of working out a bit of a painful memory or set of memories of your childhood.

It’s a stretch to go from that to a messy house, but there’s an analogy. Even the present emotional situation that’s causing your stomach to be way off shows in the house you live in.

Fortunately you have protection from Jupiter’s transit through your 12th house. That sends you blessings from behind the scenes and beyond the veil. So there really are benevolent forces guiding you, however the chaotic state you may find yourself in now.

Part of it is exacerbated, I was going on in the family the moment and it seems that life is much easier, when you can just sleep it off.


Capricorn Capricorn rising

There are always practical concerns, mainly because, let’s face it, life isn’t cheap on Earth.  Maybe everything will be a lot easier if you were just all about the money right now, then you could be tougher and more a hard ass about who owes what and stick more strictly to the program.

Of course you should. Honestly, you are of two minds about your life on Earth right now. As insane as it has been in your family, your love for them keeps you hustling to figure out how to keep the lifestyle decent.

But there’s another, creative, human, spiritual voice that is speaking to you at the same time. It’s a sense of higher responsibility and the message is to loosen up. Wow, is that ever a two way pull.


Aquarius Aquarius rising

How is it that a person can be rich and poor at the same time? That’s Aquarius now. No matter how much energy you put into hedging your bets and beating all the odds, there are moments now when the cards seem to be stacked against you at least, for taking profits and going for the big one.

Fact is, you need help now too, so you may have to swallow your pride and keep your integrity. Sometimes you have to go with projects and enterprises you believe in, even if they seem completely impractical and foolish.

Sometimes you have to be willing to take a hit for the greater good. It will pay off in the end.


Pisces Pisces rising

Let us document and honor the pain you are going through, probably the greatest of all the signs. Fortunately you are gifted at  being able to blur the line between pleasure and pain, so no matter what you’re going through you can always help others.

Don’t go prospecting for gold right now; all you’ll get is heat stroke.

Do it for the love of life and the betterment of beings and you’ll score big time.



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Brillantly Funny,

Even more dead-on than usual in describing this cross-over time for me and everyone I know and love. Confirmation is very healing. Thank you.

Thank You, Michael, For Your Profound Words of Wisdom and Guidance…. There is a healing that happens when you validate and explain the painful experiences each sign is going thru…The Blessing Of A Great Astrologer 💜

Couldn’t be more bang on for this Virgo, Michael. Thank you for your vision.

You are unbelievable, you are so professional and you are the best.

Yes beginnings can be frightening and endings usually sad, but it’s the middle that mostly counts. Thnx again ML 🌸

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