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Alliances are breaking down left and right as secret ones are forming. Pay no attention to the illusion of political parties. they’ve become obsolete. More likely, however,   The real game is the threat of   potential financial or ecological collapse.

You must become cynical now and roll your eyes when any mention is made of “liberal “and “conservative “individuals or groups. Such simplistic duality no longer exists, when all major deals are made in back rooms on the issue of power and control  of the planet Earth and the resources to be found off the home world.

Who controls the weather controls the world. Any deal that can be made with whoever controls the water or food production will be the person or group in power.  The flow of  information  and availability of medical needs will reign  supreme.  Under it all  the fuel supply demands that people remain obedient, conformist, in a  Daze—total control of the population.

Is the only way to keep the System together and maintain some semblance of social order.  To maintain that order It is of vital importance to distract the masses from the oncoming monumental wave – – the tsunami of  planetary transformation just about to Roll in.  Spurious, lascivious, ridiculous issues keep arising in the news  to keep us all on edge and with our tongues dripping  vicariously with side stories to keep us chattering about nothing .

Besides, any account of current society that comes even close to the truth facing humanity will  get stuck with a conspiracy theory moniker, relegated to immediately to the Elvis- seen-alive – in – Arkansas category.

Even what you have just been reading above. Sounds scary, Mainly because it always looks worse on paper than when you actually live it.

Pay close attention now, though, especially as Mars nears  the 0° Aquarius point And Pluto finally crosses its South Node. At least October 2018.




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It’s nice to know that getting “stuck with a conspiracy theory moniker” will not prevent the truth or the tsunami from transforming what’s hidden by virtue of their glaring light.

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