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A week that lasts months

The aftermath of an eclipse means that we must now make the changes brought on by the eclipse, so it’s not really “over.” And this Mars  transit we’ve been talking about is still active certainly between now and mid September sometime.

And Mars is  still retrograde, So pushing blindly forward will get you nowhere fast. You’ve already seen that. It is childish to insist on going forward on something brashly and angry when conditions do not warrant it. But of course that is when we get the itchiest to hook up the horses in speed off into the night.

But… When prudence, forethought, insight, strategy and hardheaded practical savvy rule over your actions, you end up the winner. So if you can delay this rush to orgasm you’ll be better off.

And in your personal, private and business life,  the change and turn you have been expecting and waiting for -some with excitement, others trepidation- will in the six or seven weeks from now finally begin your move-and transformation to another level of your life. As we’ve already said it will demand some surrendering of a position you’ve held for a scooch too long.

When  Mars reaches its direct station, it will be at its point of exaltation. Prudent forward motion will be available. So cool it.

Leo Leo Rising

Understanding the difference between a grown-up relationship and childish hand holding born of a fear of abandonment can always be liberating, and bring you the good luck and energy you need to go forward. Avoid dependence. Embrace individual courage.

Aries Aries Rising

Well you may not totally be able to separate from the people who either employ you or even look after you ,  your welfare, what you’re doing every minute – –  I’m sure you’re tired of checking in with all of them and are eager  for a nice bungee jump. Please stay connected to the cord. Avoid empty associations. Embrace intimacy and love.

Aquarius Aquarius Rising

It’s damned difficult to know if somebody is secretly  sneaking up on your ass to get you for something you don’t even know you did. Is that a paranoid fantasy, a self-destructive wish or what and  how can you overthrow it? You’ll be much happier when you can take at  some charge again. Meantime, Have faith but don’t think too much. Avoid angry self-Absorption. Embrace   Partnerships and relationships.

Sadge sadge Rising

You are not about to let go of control over the money thing. Wouldn’t that be crazy just when you’re on the brink of something big? It’s hard to know, however, what brings financial security: obsessively hanging on tighter or just letting go and seeing what happens. Avoid scattering unfocused action in communication. Embrace your higher mind

Gemini Gemini rising

You have been squeezed so tight some days it’s hard to take a breath or a step. It’s pointless, however, to live a life waiting for that stupid shoe to drop. It will be so refreshing  as soon as you can  go someplace  where you can try to  move about breathe clear air. Avoid your wandering  dreans of freedom. Embrace mobility and a fulfilling communication.


Capricorn Capricorn rising

Of course you want to be thought of as decent, fair and generous  understanding. Not some ugly aggressive money juggler. . There is, though, A common ground between a heartless cutthroat and a prosperous business person. That’s the balance you need to find now. It has been unreliably shaky, Especially when you are having some difficulty carrying the burden all alone that’s why you need help. Avoid Un needed worry over money. Embrace your passion.

Taurus Taurus rising

Not your most shining hour in career to say the least, thanks to politics and greed. You will start to move ahead however especially if you do so with good health and renewed ambition without re-crimination or regrets. It will depend on who is willing To move off their dime Do you get the ball rolling. Don’t fantasize one way or the other. Be real. Avoid hanging onto an old career goal. Embrace intimacy and family.

Virgo Virgo rising

You absolutely loathe hate and despise any health issues that distract you or hinder you in your chosen path of performance. You’ll be back on stage again you just have to change some personal habits dietary and otherwise and you’ll still be out there tap-dancing for your fans.  Avoid obsessing over health. Embrace the spiritual path.

Scorpio Scorpio rising

Literally or symbolically living between two places has kept you alert and enjoying the novelty. You are confronting a domestic or personal change of lifestyle, residence and even your residence. Instead of existing between two worlds how about dealing when Mars  goes direct with where you actually want to be. Family? Don’t ask. Career?  Thank God for your public image. Avoid attempt to fix the family. Embrace your chosen path.

Cancer Cancer  rising

The purpose of this eclipse is to let you know you have to take proper control of your own financial situation and reduce letting your resources flow and that’s the outward to charity or otherwise. Then anxiety vanishes.  Try not to let your passions run away with you, Despite that powerful looming presents off in the distance. Focus on life enjoy down here on earth and you’ll be rich richer. Avoid  obsessive, regressive fantasies About being taken care of physically and otherwise. Carry the financial responsibilities Gravley.


Pisces Pisces rising

12 house eclipses should help you  raise your awareness that meditation and spirituality have great value, but kike drugs or alcohol, they can all become escapist pursuits that will never substitute for Old-fashioned work and Greater awareness of and respect for your body,  No matter what condition it is in.

Libra Libra rising

Eclipse is there especially complicated for libra’s because the nodes  are always involved,   Mainly because the delineations and definitions are usually upside down. You may have experience disappointments with children I just have to get over your romantic ideas On just about everything. It’s not the Moments for intimate cuddling. Instead you need  a look outward to the good of all human beings and the bigger issues. Avoid crushes embrace friendship.

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Thank you Michael Lutin! Sending lots and lots of love and light to you. So very grateful for your insight!

This Pisces went on her first rock n roll tour in32 years for 20 days in EU. Left tarot cards and iching coins home. It was a conscious decision to fly with the work and intuition, though I had an itinerary and knew where I was going to end up the next day. So there!

Kerry mcmeeking

Thanks micheal that was a bit of insight i was looking for 👌

Ave M Guenthner

You’re a peach!
Have gotten closer to my son–he’s been a rock steady influence.
Yes the friendships. (Pisces sun/Libra rise)
And taking the leap(in increments) away from a career that supported me for last 30yrs.
Thank you ever so much

So feeling it, but couldn´t have expressed it better! Thank you!

That’s the date the Russians release the tapes of Trump conspiring with Putin to manipulate the electorate and chemically attack Hillary so she looks sick while campaigning.

It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this
brilliant blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for
book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
I look forward to fresh updates and will share this website with
my Facebook group. Chat soon!


No cuddling is right. I’m about as cuddly as a hedgehog or porcupine at the moment.

Letting go has never been so difficult. To be, or not to be. I truly understand this Shakespeare sonnet now. Thank you

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