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When a monthly is a yearly


Message to help keep you stable in crazy times for the months ahead 

It was my bright and brilliant idea (or so I thought)  to present to September monthly and what I thought was a simpler but thought provoking image with a line or two of text to describe the image, which I, In my imagined brilliance,thought would help people understand the importance of Saturn’s station on the month.

What I got was mail from people who said “aren’t you doing the free monthly horoscopes any more?“

Which brought up the subject of the flood of free astrology that’s on the web , produced by hard-working astrologers  who create material but are not paid for their work. So that opened up a whole new subject to explore and discuss.

I still stand by the simple monthly for September that exists right now on my website, but I feel also now the need to produce a deeper explanation of the Saturn station and movement Through the house occupied by Capricorn in  your solar horoscope. 

Not only  is Saturn cutting Capricorn off from the rest of the chart, which it is,  it really dominates one whole area  of your life and keep you stable with your feet on the ground for the next year.

So it turns out that the monthly was also the yearly and deserved extra thought to create the message that could give adequate weight to Saturn’s position by house for all the signs:

So here they are. They were all tested. They all work. Give them time to load with so many images.

Remember this is SATURN,  So try not to hate me too much and the messages  will have  more meaning as the months go on.

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Liz Taylor for Pisces:

Prison inmates crocheting for Aquarius:

An ancient Egyptian pyramid  for Capricorn

A ringing alarm clock for Sagittarius

Silent frozen prehistoric man for Scorpio:

A couple 72nd wedding anniversary for libra:

A cowboy and his gal for Virgo:

Southern belles  picking their own cotton for Leo:

The ghost and Mrs. Muir for Cancer:

The life span of a net for Gemini:

High school graduation certificate for Taurus:

Captain Kirk of the enterprise for Aries:

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Thank you Michael, it’s appreciated!!! <3

Thanks Michael. It’s a little birthday gift to my Virgo self. <3

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