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Ok. I’m finally going to say it.

OK I’m going to say it, and when I do, don’t freak out.

I say this  mainly because I believe you are already feeling it. I shall explain my position on all this, and then you can make your own assessment of the situation.
First of all, I would like us all to join in and thank all the readers who are on LUPOVICI’s.  It is they who are helping me keep my work going and posting as often as I can under these conditions.
So here’s the thing right now: you must have realized how hard you are trying to find a way to stay positive, within yourself, in these uncertain times. Happiness is all around us if we are able to recognize and enjoy it of course.
So we played the piano, plan a trip to Norway or the Netherlands, plunge into a new interest, personal or otherwise. But…no matter how engrossing or tempting, after a while… Plop! “Do I really want  this?”—-whatever THIS is at any moment.
Here’s the deal:
A worldwide depression is setting in. There. I’ve said it. Not necessarily money or the Market. But it is a worldwide depression – psychological as well as spiritual. And it is causing  a pall to fall over all humanity,  like an invisible purple dust.
It turns out that it is both Global and personal, and in either case the fault lies in deception.
In the case of children for example, they tend to go crazy when they perceive reality one way, but are told by their parents another whole version of the truth. Since of course as children they are obliged to go along with the party line and live a lie,
they feel like losers for the moment—losing touch with Truth and feeling defeated. Until they can escape.
So it is with the adults as well.
There is currently a gargantuan mass deception being perpetrated against humanity.  It has happened before when people are lied to on a grand scale. They go along with it because they have to, but underneath they boil.
Something is surely being cooked up that affects or will affect everybody, and speculation is getting wilder by the minute—from credible to off the freaking wall.
It’s like the Wicked Witch of the West is putting us all to sleep in a field of poppies, so we had better hope Glinda The Good Witch of the North will show up before  flying monkeys sprinkle us all with purple dust.
 Read into that what you will.
On a personal level, apart from whatever is being done worldwide, there exists your own personal situation – private as private can be. Even that can cause Your mind to spike between expectant hope and an abject projection of failure.
At the bottom of it all lies the necessity for you, me and everybody to live for the moment with neither exaggerated optimism nor prematurely projected desperation.
At the moment we need a realistic assessment of our options (which always exist), and a projection of plausible outcomes. Therein lies the solution to the complex variables
presented by the current set of planetary transits.
As for the world situation, as scary and frustrating as it is, what is really happening probably has to be fed to us all with a baby spoon. At least that’s what people running the world believe.
 Since the scope and reality of it will change the meaning of  Human culture and where Society is going, maybe everyone  in the world requires time to grok and assimilate all consequences and repercussions of a revolution of this magnitude.
 Not to worry.


I’m kidding—just being spooky.

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Happy to support you as a Lupovici member. Every day I awake and check your posts first thing. I should prob make it clear that my “awakening” occurs way past anyone’s breakfast time here in California…wouldn’t want to spoil my rep!

Well, That sums me up.
In a nutshell. Feel as if I am
caught in a loop. I keep staggering from
the wreckage only to find myself back,
staggering from the wreckage.

Oh yay!
(Trying to meditate, it does help)


You mean it isn’t just me ?!

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