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It may take a while to sink in….


No matter how  random life seems, we are always having good luck.
So if you’re convinced you are knocked out, finished, cooked, juices running clear, ready to pop out of the oven and be carved up like a turkey, caput, done done done, and you sure as hell will, just remember this:
Suicidal ideation notwithstanding, Shitting in your pants or not, you must maintain faith that this hairy set of exercises is a doorway to a new path, which requires at this time a cleansing of all our souls.
Remember also that you absolutely still have plenty of what it takes to emerge whole and victorious, albeit in a changed, new form,


What seems off the wall is the way miracles happen, and the magic of it is actually guiding you in the right direction, which akways inckudes some pain, all topped off with a long, sweet, kiss from Chiron.
And as can probably guess, it’s all about love and impermanence.