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Venus Retro in Scorpio

Retrograde Venus is not retrograde Mercury.  It is more about payback, and I mean that in a good way.

I know some people out there are either already running into an old devil, or filling their HOPE CHEST with expectations.  And because it is in Scorpio there are those more raw types out there who just want to get laid.

It can be a truly magical experience- like you buy a rickety old crappy table at a garage sale for a dollar and it turns out to be Marie Antoinette’s.  So it presents objects of art that have tremendously appreciated in value over time.

Weird thing is, during Venus Retrograde sometimes your stock will fall, mainly because a turn in value cannot be 100% predicted because of other transits going on.  In Scorpio of course, the intensity is always present, depending on where the New Moon + Venus falls (tune in to the monthly next week).  I have with my own prying eyes, see two complete strangers meet “by accident” immediately fall in love, both single surprisingly, eventually marry and still be happy together as of this writing.

On the other hand I’ve seen another person unexpectedly meet a priest and have one of the hottest affairs on record (I didn’t of course).

So with Venus in Scorpio the big question is how appropriate is the deal during the getgo.  Remember Venus in Scorpio always involves a Pluto-Persephone myth (mother-daughter, stranger).  Sometimes this is a real kidnapping, but more often involving an intense, possessive love triangle.

So watch your old loves + lovers popup and give you a chance to reminisce, look back in nostalgia, or as I’ve said, shiver in horror at the thought.

For Astro Folks:

Venus Retrograde (counting shadow and stations)

2 September Venus retrograde shadow
5 October Stationary Retrograde
16 November Stationary Direct
18-19 December out of Shadow

This weekly message (about Venus retrograde) is actually useful till just before Christmas

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Several school friends have posted old photos from 30+ years ago on facebook recently. Put that together with the whole Kavanaugh #metoo thing, and quite a few skeletons are coming out of closets already… heartbreaking! But somehow also very healing.

Would that include hearing hurtful things from days gone by from those you care about????? Please let there be some way of understanding it!

So true…. I went to replace a plywood this last Saturday and uncovered an art mural! Not valuable per si but a wow moment

Boy, I get the mother daughter stranger theme! Those roles are being played in my life right now.

Been chatting to a stranger online, a Sadge, who wants to meet soon…interesting

Michael you naiiled it again. Some of Marie Antoinette’s jewels are now on punlic display before being auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

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