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What is a temporal displacement field?

We are actually going through one right now. It’s a fun way of visiting the past without standing in a long line at security, taking off your shoes and removing your computer from your bag.

It is also a way of reminding you, by showing you a close-up of the past, how you reacted once upon a time so you can either do the same or do it differently depending on your choice. That way, maybe you don’t change the past but you sure can change the future.

Here’s how it works: we happen to notice a configuration of planets that closely resembles a significant similar configuration where you once experienced something major in the near or distant past. As that configuration approaches a sort of window opens. The one we are going through now is quite brief, so you must get a quick glimpse as it was and you’ll see “oh, yes, I’ve been here before.”

This one is not exactly like the same configuration that formed in 1983-84, but it’s close enough to see, yes, we’ve been here, done this. hmmmmmm.

We are going to pass through a bubble of time again, so prepare to revisit the past – – specifically the period from 1981 to 1983 and 1984. It’s a movie playing from that time. Not really living it exactly, but what we can call an astrological recurrence. It’s just a whiz through the window of time, so we get to experience memories, photos, and images that occurred in that period.

Some of it is quite pleasant and nostalgic. Other parts of it may produce a stab a pain here and there. Remembering the past is full of all sorts of emotions. It’s a universal experience, and beneficial when you recognize what is happening. The goal of course is to stay consciously in the present. When you are not hip to being in that little bubble of time, you will tend to act out of unconscious emotions, stemming from automatic triggers of the past.

That’s exactly what screws us up – – by knee-jerk responses we believe to be appropriate for the present moment and set of circumstances, when we are actually, without being aware of it, reacting to emotions centered in events from back in the 1980s.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t born at that time yet. This is the weird part. If you were not born back in the 80s your parents relationship from back then has impact on you today. Research it and try to understand the 80s dynamic, and you will get what is going on right now and had its inception back in

1981 to 1983 -84.

Just indulge me for a moment. Look at issues of sharing control, obsessions with where to live, threats to security, major abandonment issues, family dynamics. See what I mean?

This window began to open with the New Moon on October 8 and it set the tone of the month. And the window is open the widest right now. It is slightly different but it’s enough to recognize the situation if you were awake enough to take a good look.

You’ve been here before. We look at the Sun and Moon in early to mid cardinal degrees of Libra as it connects by transit to Saturn and Pluto in cardinal Capricorn.

That is during a memory triggered when the Sun and Moon hit Saturn and Pluto in Libra back in the 80s. Calculating such a temporal field distortions gets kind of complicated,  so for the moment we can  forget about the astronomy and the astrology of it and  just look around you and you’ll see it playing out in your life.

It’s just a quick look back to 83 and see the strange similarities to now. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just notice it.   It’s not a life changer, just a chance to  see how we are shown the past and given a chance to embrace it or create a new reality.


The period of greatest intensity: Sunday 14th  evening to Tuesday morning the 16th— these dates for  reference only. They are not links

The window is open.

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I immigrated to the USA in 1983 did not speak a word of English and I was 21 it sucked, lost my last living parent, don’t know this language of being the adult, it sucks too. much to learn I am looking forward to it.

80 & 83 i had my babies. Have only been thinking if my future until last night I surrendered to the fact that I was always rushing things. It’s just not the time to be running off alone. Again…

October of 1983 was a momentous and happy year in my life. I had started on a new path and found the love of my life. But it all ended when he died suddenly eleven years later. Maybe this reality right now will turn out differently. Who knows?

If hindsight is 20/20, I will enjoy the ride. Already I’ve seen ghosts.

Not a period I remember with fondness or nostalgia. It is a stark reminder for me of how toxic people will make you live the unhappy life they want you to live….and the punchline is: you yourself let them do it (the genesis of a toxic cycle). For me it is a reminder that close relationships reflect your self esteem level. So if you’re going to allow people to get close to you….then you better have some.

A lot went down!
’81 met love of my life, issues of sharing control, 81 Dad died, family dynamics, abandonment issues.
’83 lost love of my life, abandonment issues, obsessions with where to live, wanted to buy first house, but threats to security from major strike which was called illegal, major abandonment issues, betrayal
Joined Spiritual/therapy group which lasted for 30years or so
’84 left teaching career…

Retired for a couple of years now, feeling there’s more…besides expensive dental surgery!


Graduation first job met husband dad got brain tumor moved to NYC first steps to new fake life. Retracing steps making authentic choices not based in fear. But grieving mom

November 3, 1981 my father committed suicide.

Wow. Again. Reading your messages always feel like listening to an old friend who gets it. Me in ’83: trying to beat a heroin addiction. I conquered that demon.

Dad died in 81. Married in 82. Daughter born in 84. What should have been my most happy time, husband ruined it with his drug addiction unbeknownst to me and we separated in 85. He cleaned up and got back together for 15 years. Cycle repeated itself in 97. Divorced his ass. Daughter now and adult has issues of feelings of abandonment from dad and anger issues. Should have left him the first time. Painful time.

I started Secondary (High) School in 83, a new group of friends and experiences, and I could use that now, as some have passed away and moved on in the last few years. I don’t want the homework or PE lessons though.. 😉

I’ve been recently reminded of 1982. I moved to Kodiak Alaska, with my 5 yr old daughter, when a friend convinced me to come up. I remember thinking what do I have to lose? 5 days later I was there. I was a 25 yr old single mom.
I was surprised when everyone gave their approval.. I found a job right away and remember walking down the road with arms outstretched in the beauty of it all and and saying to myself that if I can make it here on my own, I can make it anywhere! That was the moment I knew I could make it on my own anywhere. That was the most memorable moment of my independence in my life. I have always remembered that moment and have always made it, and been grateful! I am now almost 62, and that day was the day I knew I didnt have to depend on anyone but myself and still only depend on myself. I am thankful that I can, since relationships havent offered me much…Unfortunatley I’m better on my own..

There were a lot of control issues between me and my new husband between ’81 and ’84. Eighteen years later, I figured it out. Trish on this comments page nailed it when she said that each of us decides whether we want to live in toxic relationships. It took me a while but I decided, no. Thank God. I haven’t lived a depressed day since.

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