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Wait, wanna hear the ultimate chiron at 29 Pisces?

Proof that you can never really know what’s happening while it’s happening

Hold on,wait!  You wanna know the Ultimate ultimate? Here is the wildest craziest ultimate chiron at 29 pisces experience of all time:

It’s like When you are at one of those  absolute lowest, rottenest , helplessest shitty  moods and We’re talkin’ LOW I mean Low,  when no matter how lonely you have been feeling—oy the doubt and the grief —- the grief forget it! You neeD time by yourself to cope.

It’s  like you just want to be left alone  to review your whole stupid  life and try to figure out how you got to this place.But that’s Exactly when everybody starts bothering you and asking if theres anything  they can do to help, but the whole story is so long and ridiculous you can’t even answer. Just at that  moment when you look your worst some moron in the crowd decides it would make a beautiful picture, so he starts painting the scene so everybody can look at it and remember this experience for the next two thousand years.

 To top it all off right while you have just about had it waiting for God to intervene,some jerkoff in the crowd yells, “Smile!”  And the weird thing is, you Do!

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I am 29 Pisces ASC.. please don’t ask me to smile okay go ahead

I was feeling very lowely when I read this,but it made me laugh 🙂

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