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May all beings on all worlds

May all those who sorrow everywhere be lifted to joy. May all suffering cease. May those who hunger receive warm food and delicious drinks. May the wandering and homeless find a safe place to sleep. May the ignorant find wisdom. May those who are bitter forgive grudges and wrongdoing. May the sick get well. May those held prisoner by their pain find freedom and relief.  May noble pursuits berewarded  and heartfelt creations bear fruit. May those about to leave the Earth go fearlessly forward in peace and contentment. May all babies be born into lives of health, wisdom and prosperity

May all beings on all worlds discover their path to happiness. May everybody, you and I included, enjoy every future minute to the max and have a total ball.

To this I dedicate my efforts.


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Amazing. Thank you for this
Heartfelt, passing it on. ❤☀️

✨ 💐 💜 Thank you, Michael. Nourishing words.

“Accentuate the positive….eliminate the negative….”

We’re all in it together

Little did I know…..oh, eons ago when I first started reading your hilarious, funky and disturbingly accurate Horoscopes in Vanity Fair…..that you would later help guide me through my nightmare ride on the swamp rollercoaster (featuring alligators, leeches and things that bite and sting in the dark) since 2008. You’ve helped this Pisces/Scorpio Rising see the lessons instead of just mindless cycles of pain and some joy, too. I’m forever grateful for the times your advice either shoved me off the cliff, or encouraged me to jump myself instead. Big huge love and blessings right back to you, Michael! We’re incredibly fortunate that you decided to be here on the planet at this particular time. 😉

What a wonderful thing to say – and so true of you!

Thank you for these words

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