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The whole Trump thing

It’s all such a fantastically brilliant distraction—the whole Trump thing. While regions of the entire Earth are being parceled out, divided up and traded for their resources like properties on an old Board Game, our eyes have been cleverly drawn away from the kidnapping and rape of the world to the media blitzed  fart-y antics of a fat, old, sad-eyed Mr Mcgoo cartoon fighting a one-man war.   While we’re on the subject, do you think NK will soon fall to China ? And who is behind the global revolution? Why throw so much mud on Trump? Who the hell are the financial oligarchists? And I-still wonder  who assassinated Avenatti and why. More to be revealed.



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New book Moneyland…just heard about it
I’d like to know whose holding the dice. Get rid of all “governments”—those folks are just middlemen. Seems inefficient.
At least I’d be honest to know who the overlords are

Planned addiction to media…

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