Daily Fix

20 Sep: Ok,Virgo means keep it clean

But let’s not go overboard. A kiss is still a kiss.

Besides, a lot of Virgos change their underwear only when company’s coming.


the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved.
synonyms: finale, final scene, epilogue, coda, end, ending, finish, close; More
the climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear.
synonyms: outcome, upshot, consequence, result, end; PAYOFF

Now you see why I have been hounding everybody it’s life-changing

16 Sep: Omg! Is that how other people see me?

Venus at the Eclipse  point

16 Sep: Venus and your emotional truth

As Venus arrives at the Eclipse point, the truth to take away from the whole Xperience regarding intimacy and emotional authenticity should be clear–
you can hack it.

13 Sep: Venus toasts your marshmallow again

Venus approaches the Eclipse point.

Eclipses do often accompany states of temporary madness. They engender deeply hidden thoughts, wishes, desires and actions. They often usher in people, events and situations that couldn’t possibly happen to you, because they’re utterly unthinkable, but actually occur to alter your plan and change your life style.

They often augur the manifestation of your inner wishes and desires for good or ill.
Temporary insanity, you say?
Love IS the best sort of temporary insanity money can’t buy.
Oh, yes, that could be a plot twist stranger than any fiction writer could dream up.

It’s the ember in the ashes, yes, yes,
The ember in the ashes.

Relationships, business or personal, spawned in the shadow during the time of an eclipse, especially the August 2017 solar eclipse in close and favorable configuration to the planet Uranus, will tend to have surprising repercussions as well as unexpected and unpredictable rhythms. They will blow hot and cold. They will tend to burn bright, then appear to fizzle out, go dark and be extinguished.
They will flare brightly, and just as intensely seem to flicker out and be over, but…they may not be ending at all.

Oddly and out of the blue, and, Unlikely as it is, they could be strangely and suddenly rekindled.
Like the glowing ember under a pile of cold ashes, you’ll probably have to tend that ember into a glowing flame again and again—if you want to toast your little marshmallow now and then.
Which you probably will.

But don’t blame me. You can thank that Fairy Godmother of yours, who for some reason or other keeps sticking her magic wand into your business.

Looking back over the solar eclipse, if it comes to it , maybe you should just fess up and tell the judge,
“Your Honor, to tell the whole truth I admit it. I meant every single word I said and proud of all my actions at the time in the hopes of being emotionally honest and authentic.
But if the Court please,
if I may,
I think I should change my plea
and claim

10 Sep: Keep it stable but keep it fresh

All relationships, business and personal, Are like a scrumptious  meal.  They can be eye-popping and nutritious,   or wilted and spoiled .

The trick right now ,  with planets  in all four elements, is  to find a way to keep them stable and interesting at the same time without wrecking them. Read the weekly



07 Sep: Enlightenment at last!

Oh, now I get it. Finally. So that’s what it means.
Love is something I already have plenty of to give,
not sit around waiting to get.

07 Sep: embarrassed by the north node?

North node transit in Leo.
No need to be embarrassed if you feel like an actor suddenly caught Naked on a stage.
You haven’t made a fool of yourself at all.
Expressing yourself authentically does indeed show your raw vulnerability.
It also triggers true creative courage and can actually turn out to be a source of growing emotional power.

06 Sep: It ain’t over yet

The eclipse is far from over.
Just wait till Venus gets there around the 17th-18th of september.
Then you’ll see why I begged everyone to stay in the North node
And why, against all odds and across all lines,
There is no escape from the need for intimacy,

Two male lions Panthera leo lying side by side, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya