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Yes, Jupiter in Sagittarius is great…

YES, JUPITER IN SADGE IS GREAT, and many new roads lie before you. Definitely things are looking up and bright Opportunities are being offered. Options are being presented.
But think a sec.
Excuse me for being a pain in the ass, but I’ve got to ask you:
Why can’t you get your head completely around them and fully jump on a new road? What is keeping you from embracing with whole- hearted optimism?
CHIRON that’s what.

But you have to let yourself enjoy the new also.
YOU CAN SPEND THE WHOLE NIGHT at the party Alone in the corner with your face in your hands. JOY is present also and Chiron is not the only cosmic event.
Just gotta see That right in the middle of the dancing in the singing,
realize that on one level right now you’re really all about being alone.

With the new moon approaching Jupiter you realize there is the life Out there.
There is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just that no matter how many opportunities present themselves though, you’re still working out a lot of personal tough choices in your head, trying to answer questions with no easy answer.
Though everything will Come clear, right now it’s not, As frustrating as it is.

You know you’re at the end of something you know you’re headed toward something new but you don’t know what. You got some regrets you’ve got some guilt and in some ways all of the opportunities showing themselves now don’t mean so much until you are able to work all this stuff out in your head— little things like who the hell are you and why the hell are you alive for in the first place.
This Chiron transit signifies a more private battle to come to terms with yourself so you are able to put the past behind and embrace a new life.
So be patient and cautiously optimistic.
Accept and explore all new offers and contacts, while you complete this inner challenge to work through doubt, grief or regret while you enjoy this new shining light in your life.
But for all we know even Santa Claus might suffer from chronic back pain He doesn’t want anybody to know about.






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