2019 February

28 Feb: so glamorous you could die, right?

Don’ t kid yourself.

Tune in Monday for a royal dose of Neptune.


27 Feb: A valuable quickie

 With the North Node in Cancer now, going after the prize will only make you feel empty afterwards. Focus on the nurturing essence of your work instead and you’ll be rich.
With South Node in Capricorn now, it’s only through the perspective of history that we see how our mad urges for worldly power and position would have been much better directed toward enjoying quiet evenings at home.

20 Feb: A true champion

No matter what  has come before, facing a new challenge with self-worth and pride at stake,  dazed, humbled but undaunted, a true champion   returns to fight again.


Chiron at the aries point. 


18 Feb: The Aries point: the chance to live again

OK SO THE DREAM IS OVER As we have been discussing  on this website, can we see now that we may have been “clinging to a life style that once brought… security and satisfaction but has now become a colorless, hollow ritual?”

Armed with the wisdom you’ve gained from the Chiron in Pisces transit, why be bitter. Be smart Don’t worry about becoming somebody- -you’re already somebody just embrace it and fight your way back. No more doodling Around- – Chiron at the Aries point: Fix what’s Broken in you  and gather all your courage and grit, to make the commitment and restore yourself to a whole authentic YOU. Move on it  NOW.  If you’ve lost a part of yourself find it again!New version of yourself wanted! And needed!

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clear the path forward

18 Feb: But when we entered…

With Aries point triggered,

The cave was empty!!


”Christ, Im sore. I ache  all over.  I’ve been out of it for HOW long? »

Think about it.

18 Feb: 03:56, ET 18 feb 19

Think No thoughts, hear no thoughts, Don’t let them into your mind l, see no sights, hear no sounds, just keep flying and dont look around…
Dont cling to what was and be free, don’t cling and forever be free,
And you’ll see quite clearly that life is just a dream, so be calm let go and be free.

16 Feb: Embracing Emptiness



May all grief be banished, and replaced by the joys of learning, wisdom and clarity of mind.

This weekend is the most spiritually developed and wise or craziest you could feel in years if ever, but stay cool, dont’t listen to your mind and it’s gonna be ok. As Chiron changes sign This is just a stage you probably have to go through:
You may feel like a broken, forgotten toy sitting in the corner or just like such a goddamned fool. The question:
How deep is your love? Speaking, doing or even thinking can be hairy. Resist distracting, seductive thoughts or voices in the head, fears and fantasies arising to tempt or scare you and remain focused on your higher purpose and remember you have one. Think no thoughts. Hear no thoughts. Don’t let them  into your mind.

16 Feb: It’s gonna be OK.

This is just a stage you have to go through.

»I feel like such a goddamned fool. »