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A valuable quickie

 With the North Node in Cancer now, going after the prize will only make you feel empty afterwards. Focus on the nurturing essence of your work instead and you’ll be rich.
With South Node in Capricorn now, it’s only through the perspective of history that we see how our mad urges for worldly power and position would have been much better directed toward enjoying quiet evenings at home.

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That bottom photo, baaahaaahaaa! You crack me up Michael.

Imagine if Adolf had only been a better painter how many people would be alive today….

Oh man!! I’ve been preparing all week to go adventuring in the wild Australian outback w my rattley tincan car & test out my recently acquired metal detector.. I’m sposed to b heading off now, but have a bizarre urge to give my bedroom a quick makeover instead, came here looking for clarity but now more ambivalent than before = groan & erk & good thanks Mikey, & yourself?? 😜🤦‍♀️😆😜

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