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Sudden Change of Thinking, Uranus Leaves Aries

It has been observed that planetary transits offer their greatest wisdom as they are leaving a zodiac sign. We are all now witnessing such an event as both Chiron is leaving Pisces and Uranus is leaving Aries.
This is a sacred moment filled with an energy of great importance to the changes we all face, the challenges we must meet and opportunities we much seize.

This New Moon at 15° Aquarius with the Moon at apogee occurs as Uranus is about to leave the sign of Aries. So as a learning exercise, let’s all review the last seven or eight years and see how the challenges and reversals of the planet Uranus have played out in the following ways:

Sagittarius: creativity enlivened, kids go off on their own, how surprising love can be

Capricorn: family undergoes tremendous upheaval, home completely changed, finding stability even with out-of-control emotions

Aquarius: mind splintered into many directions, separations and unions with siblings, new flexibility with day-to-day living

Pisces: despite impossible fluctuations in economy, you roll with the punches and see how ridiculous the whole money thing is

Leo: the mind opens as you’ve explored new territory, your understanding of your behavior is now boundless and illuminating,  new intellectual bravery is born

Virgo: debt fails to weaken your resolve to continue service, your sexual truth liberates you at last, and a new view of death awakens you

Libra: you’ve learned to relate to people not control them

Scorpio work becomes brilliant and spontaneous without security, and healthy alternate forms of healing are revealed

Aries: you prove you can succeed against impossible odds under nerve-racking pressure, unexpected survival and persistence of life force

Taurus: despite deception, trickery and deceit or any sacrifices you make, you never lose faith

Gemini: groups splinter apart, people come and go, forever friendships survive distance

Cancer: neither meteoric rise nor fall by the fickle mob shakes your resolve, reputation depends on talent and loyalty, not fashion

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As Taurus with Leo ascendant and Leo Moon, I was warned that all this was coming (thanks Mikey) and lo! And Behold! It has been both sucky and amazing. I have to keep reminding myself to breathe out.

Trumbull, Melanie

I don’t know if Michael knows where the rest of you live,
but he sure knows where I live.

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