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Don’t let your mind run away with you

Your mind won’t help you now.  Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, you feel the rumble beneath your feet, the trumpet blares and the landscape of your life changes again. February and March will clearly demonstrate a surprising set of unexpected new fun wrinkles  as Pluto mid month reveals  a harbinger of January 202O, while Uranus and Chiron switch signs again (more this week). So for heaven’s sake don’t think too much.

Be guided by your faith in the mystery, mainly because you can’t possibly know all the angles of this new cosmic deal coming up. As shaky as you may feel inside,  there IS a purpose to it all, although I’ll be damned if I know exactly what that is. So enjoy, be grateful, do the forgiveness thing  and seek shelter in Consciousness, even if it seems like the end of a road. So in your rush to escape fate, resist pulling some self-destructive destructive caper. You probably have options yiu don’t see yet.

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Thanks for your guidance and spreading optimism, Michael.

Appreciate the positive thoughts and keeping eyes open

Powerful 💖

Thank you so much, Michael!!
I seriously needed to read this right now .
Merci 🙏

BANG ON MICHAEL! Cheers! you are far more than the usual predictor. You tap into psychic common sense combining years of hard work and extra-dimensional savvy.

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