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As a kid living in Paris I got interested in Eastern philosophy and Pop Art. Then came astrology, which I fought for years until I surrendered to its inescapable and mind-expanding accuracy. I liked baseball as a kid, but now I love to be on the ice or in the ocean, although I am
hands down the planet Earth’s worst surfer. Grateful to my Mom to have been educated in the finest eastern schools, and Phi Beta Kappa, too. I am also eternally grateful to Doctor Robert J. Lang’s who guided me through my life-changing study of communicative psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I’ve written four books plus book and lyrics for and co-produced five astrological musicals with composer Doug Morton. 

Beside the website I speak publicly on astrology, and the fate of us all, have given lectures and talks from a bowling alley, an attic you had to climb a ladder in a pantry to get to, to the National Press Club and Harvard Business School Alumni, and all the way from New Jersey to Bali. I have a big mouth, hot temper, enormous appetites and a personal history to make the Pope faint when he hears my name. Literally. I believe in life on other planets, because of course there are sentient beings everywhere in the Universe. The fact is, some are sweet, some are sexy, others are total jerks, but I love ‘em all. I’d go up in a space ship any day of the week, although I prefer roomy business class and some nice, fluffy towels when I get to Planet X. Am I legitimate? That’s another story. Most favorite book? The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, so that shows you what kind of a fun guy I am. 


I believe that deep down
all people have a core of brilliant, shining,
thrilling, blissful health, natural instinct and confidence.
Aroundthat core is all too often found a crust
of defense and doubt, formed over the years
from misinformation, poor communication
and understanding of events,
family dynamics, school, Church, government
and media bombardment.
I believe my job is to help people break through
that crust of defense and doubt
to liberate their shining core
and restore confidence in their own natural, healthy instincts
to follow their own fulfilling path.

Through astrology I help people see what’s really happening,
help them do best what they love to do
and make them laugh while they do it.


For the last gumpteen years
my life has been devoted
to the practical study Eastern philosophy,
religion, astrology, the wild workings of the brain,
human relationships
and the Robert J Lang’s school of communicative
psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
And I still don’t know jack about most things.
A few things I’ve learned HAVE proved to be useful
and true.
I’ve learned that often…almost all the time in fact,
People are ferociously more attached
to very comfortable and familiar patterns
that afflict their lives and hold them prisoner,
than they are willing to throw off the burdens
that keep them chained to unhappiness
which unfortunately is also all too familiar.
With all that, sad to say
a few if my own kerraaazzzeeiest
infantile behaviors have not been been solved yet either.
I have, however, learned some really hard lessons:
about the tragic consequence of my not recognizing someone
who desperately wanted and needed to hear what I thought…
and the opposite: foisting my observations to people who weren’t interested.

I believe people engage my services
not for superficial contact.
They feel the urgency to make
a meaningful connection,
but are often reluctant to do so
because it is challenging
and scary and seemingly impossible.
They seek me out
because something is driving them
to break away from
what is familiar,
take a chance
and find a way back to themselves.