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OPA Retreat

Hey a bunch of us professional astrologers are getting together to escape Winter,

welcome Spring and learn more astrology in a beautiful spot by the sea.

These are only some of the astrologers you’ll get to learn from and chill out with:
Arlan Wise
Alexandra Karacostas
Bob Mulligan originator and major ploayer at OPA
Monica Dimino
Chris Macrae enlightening, brilliant and very funny
Grace Morris (Don’t miss her whiz of a course on financial astrology–something we all need)
Michael Lutin
Richard Smoot

When? March 21-24th
Where? A gorgeous ocean resort in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Could you possibly NOT go? Here’s more

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March 21 – 24, 2013

NCGR Conference

August 15 – 19, 2013

Michael Lutin’s Current Lecture Topics:

“The Horoscope of America: When is it Gonna Get Better?”

“Where or When: The Power of Prediction”

“Why the People You Love Drive You Crazy”

“Wait! Don’t Kill Yourself Yet! There’s Hope!”

“You Only Live Once… or Do You?”

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