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Like all Sadges with Saturn in their twelfth house now
here is the Pope’s first thought when he stepped out on the balcony


But he prayed to MARY—-


here comes Mary

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06 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (US)

Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Wall Street and The Vatican
It could all be a mere coincidence–a random intersection of events that kooks and skitzos have a ball all tying together. There are serious investigative thinkers, however, who sincerely believe this whole Pope business is part of a massive plan for the Church to participate in a global fiscal dance that is part of the so-called New World Order.

Nutty, huh?

The Church is not exactly doing a Walmart level business these days. Numbers are falling off. Some say it’s because much of traditional doctrine has become oppressive and irrelevant to so many people. Naughtiness, or rather human frailty, or rather the normal result of keeping individuals cooped up by anachronistic taboos, has been at the root of dwindling Vatican resources. Despite the wailing of Church officials, they’re all still a heck of a lot richer than most of the world’s Catholics, but when it comes to feeling secure, who is ever rich enough?.

It is a stretch to think that men of God, could ever be snatched away
by the lowly goal ro increase revenue and continue controlling innocent, naive, faithful believers, but we have to ask, are you boys still devoted to throwing the Money Changers out of the Temple or are you thinking about selling the whole damned temple for its real estate value?

Times are tough, though, and as high-minded as we’d all like to be, maybe sometimes you gotta play ball and seriously consider offers that come from a secular area.

Hmm. Possible spiritual crisis here.

Could be just a mere coincidence that Mario Monti has come on the scene, International liaison for Goldman Sachs, just months before the Pope quits. Yeah, Papa was eighty-something and maybe he did just wake up one day and say, “Boys, I’m so over it. Ciao.”

Maybe, too, it’s not all about the sex scandals the way everybody thinks. Of course the Pope never stashed a boyfriend up in the tower.
Just gotta wonder, though, if it is really crazy to think there is a more practical and fiscal connection.

With Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces now, everyone in the whole world has a fascinating, powerful and somewhat sinister game they are playing called Piety-Cynicism-Practicality-Greed.

Everywhere–even in Rome.