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Moon triggers Mars Jupiter orgasm

Forgive me for repeating myself, so if you have already read the messages “how to make pineapple juice“ and the link to “sexual obsession”
about the current Transit of Jupiter in Scorpio, just skip this post.
At the moment the Moon is translating from Mars to Jupiter, and that adds major spice to the month and needs to be acknowledged..
We all have our own problems, worries and uncertainties – – preoccupations that seize our attention and demand much of our energy. That could be draining and disheartening.
We all need a boost however we can find one.
It would be too simplistic to believe that an orgasm could clear up any and all issues weighing heavily on your mind these days. So yeah, three cheers for the big O, but sexual expression and emotional release are not always available or appropriate.
We must, however, understand that sexual balance between our upper and lower have can and often does restore life-giving senses of the flow and well-being of our existence as well as contributing to good physical health.
Are there other ways to achieve such balance?
For that reason I offered the two messages below a couple of weeks ago. Now the moon has triggered the issue again. You don’t need to read them if your head is not in that place at this time. Just sayin’.

How to make pineapple juice

Sexual obsession