2019 August

28 Aug: For those who still read…

“The Razor’s Edge”. For those who don’t, see the 1946 black-and-white film.
If you are lucky enough to discover the commitment to your true path in life, you’ll never again consider it work.
With a pile of Virgo planets, it’s possible.

26 Aug: As asteroid Athena passes the point of desire along the zodiac,

At zero degrees Scorpio, May  she with all her wisdom and courage preside over all departures and arrivals and the transformations required therein.


26 Aug: I know it sounds crazy

and even creepy, but another aspect of how ♄♇ affects your personal timeline: Much of what you had been doing, and been devoted to, even recently, could start to seem…

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25 Aug: When the moon goes north in Cancer…

you discover an oasis, filled with refreshing and delicious water you can drink. Meaning: Lean toward people your gut tells you are sincere and you can trust emotionally. And that should take your mind off worrying, at least for a while.