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♅℞ what seems like a random…..

URANUS STATIONING: What seems like a random kick in the head and an act of screwyou on the part of a bawdy,ballsy Universe that enjoys watching you trip your way down the stairs head first, is actually just a reminder that NOBODY has it all figured out. And sometimes, often in fact, especially when Saturn rules from its own house, the Unexpected road you bitch and moan about being sent on, turns out to be the better one.

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walking, pain free, would be a start

Hysterical!!! I have uranus rx in natal is that why I am so graceful?? LOLOL

Oh no, my back pian teaches me, I think, finally pinching my ass together ( in both meanings) and finally starting to get up in my live and stretch my body. Chnage of a bowed posture, shitte. After changing a lot inside, now the body has to follow. Thanks God for pain. How do you know all this?

Well, that is spot on. Finally figured out it was all for the best. Soo… grateful!

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