2019 October

31 Oct: Only a movie…..

  Occultation of Saturn Pluto thursday night through Saturday ….minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic,…

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31 Oct: Well this recent lunation sure showed us something, didn’t it?

While Saturn Pluto is making us all feel half dead, The Sun Uranus opposition comes along with one heck of an electrifying zapperoo, lights us up like a Christmas tree to let us all know we’re still Very much alive with all our cravings and aversions.

30 Oct: When earthly worries and concerns get too heavy,

When life’s earthly pressures and worries begin to weigh too heavily on the mind, It is not unusual during a Scorpio lunation, to seek release in obsessive distractions, any and all of which prove to be fulfilling only in the moment.

28 Oct: It may all be just a game, but…

With this New Moon, If you have just been thrown a wicked curveball…

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27 Oct: When Scorpio is involved…


27 Oct: Oy! Or should I say Oyll?

Oy! or should I say Oyll? What if you were the owner of…. a successful family company you had inherited from your great great (and even maybe one more great)…

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26 Oct: Mars Moon Saturn

Although Mars is still applying to the square of Saturn the moon has already Created the temporary paralysis which is now slowly beginning to dissipate.

Remember check is not necessarily CheckMate

26 Oct: Can you just say, “screw it” and go out and smell the flowers? Doubtful.

It would be great today to just say “screw it” and go out and smell the flowers, but most people are way too wound up and uptight to do that. Here is one of those moments with Moon dark, Mercury turned off and the horizon bleak beyond words.
It is in that vacuum of non-existence that rash,panicky decisions rarely pay off. When The lights go back on, your head stops babbling gibberish at you and the Universe resumes speaking to you in your native language, you’ll see how many options you actually have.

25 Oct: I don’t like witchy warnings.

I don’ t like witchy warnings, mainly because There’s no sense spooking people. But…On a chaldean saturn Saturday like this one, I also definitely do not like a detrimental Mars joined by a dark Moon in square to a dignified Saturn.

We all, however, have to respect the law of balance. So watch where you’re going, deal squarely with what’s right in front of us, and handle it.