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The Star in the East has returned.

The Star in the East Has Returned.
At the moment it is too close to the Sun for most of humanity to see it, but it will become visible in the heavens through a telescope on Earth as January goes on.
Astrologers Have been watching it approach for months. We know it’s there and beginning to manifest on our planet.It is not a question of belief but observation and an open-consciousness to the reality on a material plane.
And it is visible to all sentient beings On a collective as well as personal basis. Each of us  will   Have a profound and intimate story of three aspects of wisdom

we will be able to tell about the  effects if this unusual occurrence.
The Star in the East has returned.
Call me crazy, if you will, but you will see the star in the east that you may have thought was made up aling much of the rest of that famous story – or at least primitively understood by observers while it took place  for everyone to behold.
Actually, to be specific, it is not technically a star in its own right. It is actually a combination of three planets clustering close to each other in one area of the sky. Although each individual member of this “star“ is circling the sun quite far from each other in distance of kilometers, they are acting like visitors each from a faraway place, meeting now powerfully in a spot that will figure significantly in the future of the human race.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto comprise this “star” which is now rising every Dawn with the sun, signaling to Us all their collective message of hope, despair and eventually total rebirth.

This « star « often symbolizes the death of an avatar that precedes an awakening of beings on the planet Earth. Depending on the rarity of frequency,  this phenomenon can set off a chain reaction, sending a wave of change that signals the end of an era in religion and culture through a confrontation with
Hope, despair and total transforming rebirth:

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are gathering :
Jupiter to Herald a message of peace and prosperity and goodwill among all beings everywhere, with the miraculous promise of a miraculous risen consciousness, and a new understanding of the place and purpose of beings in the galaxy and beyond,.
Saturn to reveal The profound disappointment of having to face the harsh law of balance and cosmic justice and experience the agony of grief that follows loss in separation And the truth of impermanence.Pluto
brings the promise of liberation and joy born from new life, new consciousness , The evolution of beings awareness of each other and themselves and the discovery of new inspiration and creativity expanding from the awareness of our true place in the universe. It is the representative of fertile new growth.

This is the Star in the East, and it’s really here.