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Change it up so it’s a change in perspective at least

Freshair…..Saturn dancing in aquarius
– [ ] but hey wait a minute. Saturn will also be dancing around zero degrees Aquarius. Zero Aquarius means shake it up or It gets shaken up for you.
– [ ] 0° Aquarius is improve circulation on all levels. Reduce and eliminate stagnation. Consider dumping the grind and cleaning out everything that’s clogging your life.
– [ ] In American politics this is the point that will be looked upon historically as the first domino that began the big tumble. Which already began in 2016 the moment Mars moved from 29 Capricorn to zero Aquarius and Donald Trump became the president. This began the Trump regime, Coinciding with the onset of the galactic revolution – – or rather what eventually will be seen as the galactic revolution.
– [ ] What eventually will be seen as the beginning of a world revolution and the next big turn to that moment in American and world history will be seen appearing and disappearing satyr dances around that point until it finally enters in December 2020. Once again 0° Aquarius takes the world by surprise and invokes a chaotic exploration of consciousness and ingenuity. 0° of AquArius is the point at which Saturn yields disposition of the heavens to the planet Uranus as we move from strict method to pure experimentation. No outcome can be predicted yet even though on some level it’s already decided. Many outcomes will seem to be occurring simultaneously as the masses become even more fragmented. Should be fun though, For the mad scientist among us and those who scream with delight on a roller coaster.
– [ ] Besdes, if you don’t change it up yourself, life changes it up for you.