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Remember the occultations of 2019?

Remember all last year in 2019 every month when the moon would pass into Capricorn as Saturn and Pluto are approaching their conjunction?
Symbolically what does it mean that every time the moon enters Capricorn at that time there is an occultation and it blocks the Saturn and Pluto from our view? I think they were a high-level meetings going on, plans are being made and drawn against us that were manifested as soon as that Saturn Pluto conjunction took place. If you go back and look thru my posts Every month in 2019you’ll see it. We can’t see through the moon so we can see who was at those meetings although we now know what the plans were. In fact there are even more plans being made right now right today because the moon is there again. Put all your positive image in psychic energy toward helping humanity now and not destroying it.Let the members of that meeting hear from us. Psychically through the power of our minds.