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CHIRON AND THE GIFT OF 2020: The process of gaining perfect vision

It began as soon as Chiron entered Aries. It hit the entire world like a spaceship full of scary aliens in 2020, at the Sun Moon Chiron conjunction in the sign Aries.


Chiron what is it?



It’s a spectrum, it goes from bitterness, resentment and hatred for society to the magician’s power to heal all ills out of love and compassion. So the manifestations are as complex as the problems it presents and the solutions it comes up with. It starts out mad at everybody, feeling unloved and rejected. Upon meeting its teacher…..(The teacher could come in any form so you have to think this through for yourself) Upon meeting its teacher, it learns the magic tools of healing. The first and foremost of which are compassion, empathy and impartiality. The profound understanding of pain is the source of the magic that gives an individual the power to reduce and even remove the pain of others.


At this moment please don’t tell me about the half man and half horse in all of the myths and stories, that is all very rich, but I’m not interested in them at the moment.


I’m more concerned with the effects on the world right now.


How could this New Moon and Chiron alienate our entire species, separate all humans and send us all to our rooms like a naughty child? We have just been given a timeout the world has never seen since maybe the dinosaurs got terminal constipation and Atlantis went under.


Yes, if you want to look at it another way, this, is not unlike it the return of Jesus. Not in a religious way as we traditionally think of it. We are, however, are being divinely communicated with. And I am sure it is not merely Bill Gates’s big chance at grandiose greatness. We all live under the same sky and the same Chiron in Aries; in Bill Gate’s solar sixth house, even he has to learn that he’s a servant of humanity, not its king.


We all have a humbling going on. We all have an opportunity to blossom like the magnolias in front of the church across the street from my office.


Starting off with the fact that we have air to breathe.


They want us to know that first of all. That’s the gratitude of this crisis.


Air, pure air to breathe allows each of us to be able to blossom, some for the first time for most of us.


But hold on.


How can we consider this an opportunity for all of us, and not just another chance for the control freak shitheads to dominate and crush the soul of their slaves?


Because, God knows, there’s plenty of that going around. On a material level I mean, we all have to eat, but there’s a huge difference between engaging in a livelihood that brings you prosperity that still helps to raise the joy and freedom of other human beings as well and to find within ourselves that speck of charity, that allows us to share our good fortune with our fellow beings. That is certainly an ideal spot to discover in one’s self.


And no matter how deprived or malnourished we were as children, what a gift it is to be able to give others what we ourselves did not have the good fortune to have gotten.


People can surely be selfish and cruel, greedy and insensitive, stupid, moronic and brainless, but as maybe we will begin to see now, because we are all under the same sky, every individual on this Earth gets a close-up look at himself and herself, as we are now being sent to our rooms to think it over.


Think it over.


Think what over?

So let’s look at the Astrology of it. For one thing, start with where Chiron in Aries began this business, where does Aries fall across your horoscope? Even before looking into your own natal Chiron by sign and house, we must consider that this transit position will last 5 to 7 years longer in some cases.

But how could it affect your blossoming question?

Well the first consideration we have to consider, is that everyone is affected by Aries, because it hit at the point of all life, zero Aries.

You could say the message comes from the Big Bang Itself.

0° Aries, in this sense right now, we are all Aries, as well as with the Chiron you’re born with, so let’s take a look around the zodiac at all of the Signs.


Stay tuned for that.