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The Perilous Bridge

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striving to accomplish a satisfactory, if not peaceful separation of Pluto from Capricorn and into the sign of Aquarius.

This passage is especially fraught with obstacles and complex political and social consequences. The entire world and its sentient inhabitants will all be striving to accomplish a satisfactory balance between those two signs, and for all the people living on the Earth and off the Earth. There is a reason this could probably last much longer.

All beings born between 2007 and 2024 will have Pluto in Capricorn in their natal horoscopes. This represents a conservative streak – a yearning and respect for traditions of the past and cultural and political levels right there in the DNA and the history of their families.

On the other hand after 2024 Pluto will be transiting in Aquarius for everyone born between 2024 and the mid 2040s in their natal horoscopes.

These people(and the robots)are the rebels, the progressive thinkers those who have no fear of experimentation. They will challenge all authority on every possible level. If both groups live about 100 years, we see the giant adjustment between Capricorn and Aquarius and right down to very definition of what is human.

Remember, however, Pluto often overdoes and creates obsessive anti-social behavior.  Those born Pluto in Aquarius will act out a goal to break completely away from 20th Century regulations, laws and customs. To live in a completely 21st-century and beyond world, suggests to us a vast gulf between Capricorn and Aquarius symbolically.  There has to be disruption, collapse and destruction of all icons and systems no matter how hard we try to preserve them.

It used to be called heresy, but in an astrological context we look upon it as a cultural evolution. Organized religion will take a tremendous hit as will all boundaries and definitions between what makes a hero and what makes a heretic.

The definitions will blur and orthodox religious persons will fight bitterly against the new rational gods of the coming centuries: technology.  We will learn ff the ways of citizens of other worlds, who will most likely appear, and explore and espousing radical beliefs and challenges to the moral codes and behavior which we have lived for hundreds and thousands of years.

As already stated, every zodiacal shift of Pluto creates upheaval and devastation as intelligent beings are always confronted with the most impossible challenges and adjustments to a way of life. This one is a whopper and will manifest a psychological devastation of thought, philosophy and social behavior such has never been seen by human beings. Between what is considered polite and acceptable behavior, orderly transition, and sensible negotiation will seem to be replaced by a free-for-all food fight. We have to see that once some mind-blowing discoveries are made we cannot go back, we cannot un-see and we cannot un-know.

Although there will be a tremendous backlash and blurring of people who absolutely refuse to allow their way of life to collapse and be replaced by unheard of and unsavory and ungodly actions, new always replaces old and in the case of Capricorn to Aquarius. It is as sudden as it is long overdue, as current events are now and will be showing us in the days weeks months and years to come.


We have to find a bridge across the chasm.

It must be repeated that every Pluto’s zodiacal shift comes with great pain, mainly because the social obsession with permanence and reality is busted by the fact Society and the people who make it up are forced to accept a new reality as the new permanence.  The concept of reality shifts again to prove the illusion that life actually is.

Also known as the generation gap, your particular Pluto in your particular horoscope defines what you and your friends consider cool and normal. It’s actually ends up embarrassing children about their parent’s behavior. Pluto by zodiacal sign, then, represents the Reality you hang your cultural hat on, but which, if you live long enough eventually prove to be false.

Thus it will be again.

So here we say again this time, it is a huge leap across the chasm of ignorance to wisdom: Capricorn to Aquarius from established doctrines to unexpected discoveries, from orthodoxy to iconoclastic smashing of idols. From living under the rule of accepted and established laws, to an experimental and challenging consciousness, filled with risk and uncertainty. From strictly following the recipe, to cooking on instinct, from living under the strict rule of Saturn, to the mind-blowing experience of living at the edge of risk and exploration.

And most important for astrological thinkers, this is a giant leap from Saturn to the planet Uranus, and this is where we will find our greatest challenge.

This is not only a break with tradition. It defies all rational thought. It precludes expectation. It demands thinking way out of the box. It is the impossible alternative that cannot be true.

But it is. We need to repair the gulf between Capricorn and Aquarius and Saturn and Uranus in order to restore society in order to manifest the oneness of all beings. This is a perilous bridge we must cross.  But we may have just have found the secret to crossing that bridge with the union of astronomy and astrology(to be continue).

Copyright 2020 Michael Lutin

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