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Should We Leave Room For Love?

I guess no matter how you slice the birthday cake… Life on earth is pretty mysterious.
Many folks believe there is purpose to at all, and before you are ever born, you choose a path of learning and experience you Will follow your whole life. So you select a role you are going to play. you get yourself born into a family that supports your growth in that role.
Others, however, say, “Nah! Your parents had sex and, boom! You go sliding down from Heaven and live out your random destiny.”
But I don’t think it’s that simple in either case. If you’re born “weird“, no matter how you got here, there has to be an element in your intelligence, even a little speck that can mold your own behavior either way beside any random factors. Your own consciousness Will drive you forward or be directed By some inkling of desire and conditioning in your behavior, your life and loves, and all the impact you will have on society.

What if by some fortune you come here fortified and gifted with enormous creative and artistic potential for worldly success? And at the same time what if you also receive. some potentially really dangerous capabilities?

Astrologically speaking, along with A potential for genius come onwhat if both luminaries are severely afflicted – – like moon conjunct Eris and Solar Power part of the configuration with Chiron and the planet Uranus plus Pluto and Saturn stuck in there somewhere. So you’re born brilliant, and very precocious for your age, but what if that means you are constantly looked upon and thought of as goofy, out of it, not belonging, left out socially, treated like a weirdo or semi outcast?
What if you don’t get nurtured properly and accepted you for who you are? What if you have Really shitty luck the first years of your life?
That could certainly create a raging desire on your part for vengeance toward all those who didn’t treat you right andmade you feel bad way back when.

What if something about your whole existence made you feel like you come from planet X because your ears are too big and people often laughed when you weren’t even trying to be funny?
Just think. Both luminaries afflicted by Eris, Uranus and Chiron:
That could make a kid really angry.
Really, really angry.
And that sense of rejection could engender a serious, punitive desire To strike a blow toward society in the most destructive way.


Instead of becoming a great artist, scientist or dedicated humanitarian, which it could along with it could come during all ones formative years alone in one’s attic laboratory, ample time to invent the greatest recipe for vengeance the world
Had ever seen or heard of.

So are we destined or do we have a choice? I’m just saying, if you catch my drift. And I say you always have to leave room for miracles.