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The Serpent hAtches

When the planet Saturn reaches its point of changing direction from retrograde during the first week of October, your own life will reawaken and the machinery of your destiny will go into high gear. Things you have been planning or attempting to do, ground that lay fallow and resisted planting, go into forward motion at last. Things that were supposed to happen didn’t, and 101 delays, obstacles, stones in the middle of the road will all roll out of the way.
This is not a regular station of Saturn changing direction (mainly because that happens every year). This one is different. This one is way different. This one is not only on sticking delays; it is connecting your destiny with the fate of the world. It is linking your personal destiny with that of the collective. In politics, economics, and every other aspect of your life, you will now say why and how your future is directly and unequivocally tied to a set of circumstances that at one time might have seemed remote. Today, however, you become intimately involved – you cannot deny the impact on you with that which you have now become consciously involved with. If you had any doubts before, you realize now why no one is an island. We are all connected. This is your link with the rest of the world.
Here is the astrology of it and one of the secrets behind all astrological projection:

The simple method gives us the ability to foresee exact events, circumstances, and relationships and their timing more clearly beginning October 2021. When any planet changes direction, which Saturn is about to do in the beginning of October, it is always a heads up of upcoming changing events and circumstances. This one, however, is a whopper.
The planet Pluto is also changing direction around the same time, which in itself is saying everything that was supposed to happen is now happening – there’s no avoiding being caught up in a tsunami that’s carrying you and the rest of the world with its inescapable current.
Nothing can stop it now as it begins moving towards the end of Capricorn in the next three months to reach 27° of Capricorn. This point is significant because it is the anniversary of the beginning of the first American Revolution in 1776.

This is why we call it the Pluto return of the United States. And it affects the rest of the world. If you wish you can refer to the VANITY FAIR piece that I published in 2006- 2007 in which I describe events that are happening now.
A recurrence of a planet to a position it held in the past allows us to make predictions to describe how humanity will react. These predictions are based solely on the unconscious reactions of human beings over and over and over again when slow-moving planets such as Pluto revisit points along a zodiacal path that has been activated before with events, circumstances, and relationships which have changed the world.
Pluto is here again.
Although it had not been discovered back in the 1700s, the genetic and unconscious memories remember everything that happened even before we were all born.
Hard to imagine, but it adds to your ability to foresee events and appreciate the recurrence.

Way back on July 4th, 1776, when the American Revolution began, Pluto was passing over the point of 27° Capricorn. Yeah, that is what gave birth to the American empire more than 250 years ago. But you’re alive now. You’re crossing paths with a momentous occasion and you are here to participate in this revolution – which is a galactic one. Now, you are going to have to participate in the momentous change of society. You will have to face certain questions: does an empire last only as long as one Pluto transit (roughly 250 years)?

Does internal corruption and self-destructiveness always create or destroy an empire during a Pluto transit?

In the beginning of October 2021, when Pluto moves direct to 24° Capricorn toward the point of 27° Capricorn in January 2022, there is the sort of climax when traitors are revealed as heroes and heroes are labeled as traitors.
Even you in your private life have to reveal all your own secrets. Nothing can escape revelation. All being revealed, you cannot flee from your own destiny.
This is the point where your personal life crosses the collective experience. There is no escape. It is time to embrace it.

Without going too far into the astronomy of planetary motion, let’s just say this: the further away a planet is located from the Sun and Earth, the slower it seems to be moving. The slower it seems to be moving, the more profound it will be on human life. Pluto is now approaching the end of Capricorn, the last 3° from 27°, to 28°, to 29°, and then finally changing sign into 0° Aquarius in a couple of years. It is now approaching the last 3° of Capricorn in January 2022. It will reach 27°, and our collective and personal boundaries, along with our destinies will be revealed. It may take a while for Pluto to get to the very end of Capricorn, but the egg that was led by the serpent in 2006 at the approach and entry flew into the sign of Capricorn and will culminate in mind-snapping revelations.
And revelations is the perfect word. True identities will be revealed. “Masks“ will be removed. People you thought were the people you thought they were will turn out to be not at all who you thought they were. We can’t even try to guess what this means and the profanity of what it will entail. Technology has been developed way further than we even imagined or have been told.
What the awakening will mean we can but imagine, but it will be the greatest task of human consciousness that we have had to face. Revelation will be liberation on a scale unimagined. It is the beginning of what the supposed conspiracy theorists were calling “disclosure”. On all levels, your personal and private life will now intersect with the political and collective history and future of the world. Right to this point, lille everybody else I can only guess. I will fill in the blanks when I find them. I can only guess so here goes:

We are now fully engaged in a global and galactic war. This is a racial war of what we perceive as good and evil, and good against evil; but I believe it will be a fight over the supremacy of bloodlines.
There are more secrets to be revealed now in blood types and bloodlines than we can possibly figure out. The struggle for dominance will reflect the research and development into DNA that has been going on for years, both human and nonhuman. That research will now reach deep, deep, deep into the past and into the human consciousness.

The results of that research will fuel this war of racial supremacy or I should say genetic supremacy. In order for us to grasp the scope of this, it’s possible that all political, religious, philosophical, and ethical considerations have to crumble right before our eyes. And every conscious being will be charged with the unconscious urge to survive. This is not merely religious or racial intelligence or the intolerance of skin color or blood type or language. What is being revealed is the fact that all differences are superficial. Deep down in the core of what we call life is a shared truth, a common genetic origin and bond that will fuel up but eventually obliterate the fight for genetic supremacy over one another.

Dominance and submission, the eternal struggle, strength over weakness. Survival. Once again we face the primal struggle. This time we understand and realize that we are all related. There are no differences. We are still struggling for dominance over each other even though we are all linked by genetics. Every last one of us, from the microscopic creature to huge lumbering monsters. The revelations are about to be made. We are about to get educated and shown that we are all related – but not in the way we have ever thought. This is the end of Capricorn. This is the finality of our education as sentient beings. The serpent hatches at last. We all share a genetic bond that allows us to exist in one same world. We all come from somewhere and we are charged with living. This is the reality of this war.