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TIME TO GET NAKED AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE: The Mystery of Venus Pluto Unveiled

A few hot notes to remember:
The further out from the Sun (and Earth), the slower a planet seems to move through the Zodiac across the sky. It also denotes a deeper and more lasting effect, and greater changes both in personal behavior and society, human and otherwise. Retrograde planets occur when they appear to have caught up to the Earth’s orbit. They always symbolize the need to achieve mastery in the area it is transiting. As a planet moves from Retrograde to direct and vice versa, it seems to be not moving at all. We call that the station of the planet. The longer the station the deeper the change. Repeating this, the slower the station, the more significant the changes in personal behavior or to culture.


When first discovered, a planet does not operate in the world with its highest vibration. As we have just stated: the slower it moves, the longer the periods of station, and longer the period of Retrogradation and the more significant and long lasting the effects on both you and the society you live in.


As humanity (and all life on Earth) learns to cope with change, the level of evolution in consciousness becomes visible on a mass level. And everybody moves ahead.

When first discovered, however, it all takes time.

So…here we go.


The current Transits of Venus and Pluto – are affecting us all. Everyone—you—me—the people you know and love. We can all share the feelings and thoughts in everyone’s mind and hearts as 2022 progresses.

The stations of Venus and Pluto (Retrograde and Venus Direct for Pluto), took place in conjunction around Christmas time 2021.

Retrogrades in general mean don’t rush through a project or make a snap judgement because  Venus stationary Retrograde is about unfinished business especially in a personal situation. It could take you back to your childhood and your childhood sweetheart. Because Venus is always about love.


And here’s how to nail it:

This particular Retrograde Venus in Capricorn is the most intense and rich in meaning than any we have had in years or even in our lifetime. Here’s why.

Once again, when a planet passes the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, it appears to stop moving and then appears to be traveling backward or Retrograde until the Earth catches up during a period we call Retrograde to direct.

During the period, it apparently slows down and goes Retro, especially Venus, you get a chance to encounter your exes. All of them. From last month, last year, and your last life.

This Retrograde was a mind grinder because the “station” or point at which the retrograde took place was right smack on top of Pluto at 26 Capricorn.

Because Pluto will be occupying that spot for quite a while, owing to its distance from Earth (this whole year at least), it appears to be only slowing down and advancing to the last three degrees of Capricorn. This means that the effects are more narrowing and extremely deeper when trying to reach further in to your past and future.

As I’ve said for the millionth time, the slower a planet moves the deeper effect in that area of the Zodiac.

So before we even look at your current love life, or what’s left of it, we have to stop while Venus is still right on top of dealing with Pluto and facing whom we truly love, alive or dead, in the next room right now or 7,000 miles away.

It’s like a visit from the Love Police demanding you be TRUTHFUL about those whom you love right now and those you don’t.

Venus stationed (seemed to stop) for only a few days when it began its Retrograde because Venus close to the Sun orbits more rapidly normally.

The fact that it has to cross Pluto 3 times in the first quarter of 2022, its essentially “stuck” in cosmic traffic, forcing us to be totally honest and authentic about where we are at emotionally—  married, widowed, separated, or acquitted for participating way in a dastardly deed.

It also somehow awakens memories of the death of love, somewhere in the distant past because you were unable to be honest with yourself or with another person, too narcissistic and immature to confront the issue or perhaps too unconsciously involved with the cruelty or control or you just never got over a separation. Venus conjunct Pluto is reminding us also of triangular relationships where a third person allegedly interfered with the maturation and completion of happiness. There could be plenty of “happiness” when the gold of satisfaction from stealing somebody from somebody, screwing the competition and exercising a ferocious obsession to pick cucumbers from somebody else’s garden.

There could be so many stories coming back up now, because that’s what stations do when planets seem to slow down and stop or return to where they manifested the Venus Pluto story before and have now come back to Recur in a similar spot of Venus Pluto on any other part of the Zodiac as well.

So it’s possible to go through an ephemeras and see if you ever experienced a Venus Pluto scenario anywhere by Transit or progression at different degrees. You don’t have to search very hard, very long.


It’s up to you now to face great Love, the memory of it, the passion, the fulfillment, the heartbreak of destroying it, the maturity you have gained, the wisdom you are gaining right now from the transformation and emotional carwash you are going through naked.

Yes, naked.

Because this is your opportunity to express the truth of your feelings as never before.

Venus conjunct Pluto.

This will reveal several astrological truths to help you in your interpretations and forecasts for your own life.

Taking the present first, for example.

First: whatever you are doing now is setting the stage for your relationships going forward. With this Transit of Venus Pluto, you are able to express what is deepest in your heart.

The fact that this conjunction is taking place at what we call a critical degree defines, 26 degrees Capricorn, the beauty of loyalty and heroism we can ever imagine. As we stand naked before the Scales of Heaven, we can feel deeper than we’ve ever even felt before…


Appropriate or not, within your reach or light years away from your grasp, you can feel a Love very few people get to experience while they’re here on Earth, as long as we’re not afraid of rejection or being foolish or labeled as a stalker.

This is the unspoken message of lifelong loyalty and fealty that we get a rare chance to recognize.

Next, you can look into your past and forecast the future with this one spot in the sign of Capricorn. A point that opens a bridge as this Venus conjunct Pluto begins an instrument of great change that will support you even though you know the impermanence of everything on Earth and in the cosmos.

The last 3-4 degrees of Capricorn represents your baptism in spiritual power you have to love in an appropriate way beyond this moment, beyond time.

And the growth factor is immeasurable in the profound measure of the power you gain in being able to give it up to be vulnerable and fearless at the same time, especially learning from the past.

Just by checking this one astrological aspect, be it square conjunction or whatever, the combination of Venus Pluto now crossing out in space. Both stationing Pluto direct and Venus Retrograde. Like lovers separated by fate or fury, who meet again with hearts full of gratitude and the friendship that survives the folly of passionate insecurity.


ALL that from this one little Retrograde station.

It’s something, ain’t it?