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Staying on the Path

STAY ON THE PATH! You may not be going crazy at all. You may just be struggling to find the truth of yourself and others.If you’re feeling just a tad blurry and out of balance, you are sharing That same shaky, uncertain sensation that many people are experiencing at this moment. Oddly and ironically, the more uncertain you are the more you have fallen out of alignment, and are sharing that lack of equilibrium with the rest of humanity.
This Pluto transit, Ending it’s trip through Capricorn, together with a Chiron transit through Aries, plus the rest of the manifestations and cultural upheavals, come to mean that the shakier you are the harder it is for you to adjust and come into your own real reality.
This Is a giant course correction where you have to become more authentic than you were as more of your deeper truth surfaces.
Naturally you’re uncomfortable—we all are, but we have to look upon this as a correction to help and insist we become more and more real more and more of who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to become. Some people are just a little blurred, a little off-center. Others are being shaken to the deepest core, but we have to believe this is all part of a process called becoming. Becoming our higher truth
Our higher being, our higher selves. sometimes you have to fight deception, trickery and deceit when your strongest intuitions and hunches are at odds with others, but that is when your fearful dark side is struggling against your attempt at being true to yourself.

Other times you have to strive to determine when you’ve been off balance and when you have been looking right at the truth all along. The battle challenges us all —-every one.