01 Oct: One hell of a hot October

one hell of a hot October  And I don’t mean the temperature. The monthly message will be published on October 8 with the new Moon At the doorway to  ye olde via  combusta.   See ☉☌☽△♂, ♀□♂   ☉☌♀   ☉☍♅


11 Sep: When a monthly is a yearly

  Message to help keep you stable in crazy times for the months ahead  It was my bright and brilliant idea (or so I thought)  to present to September monthly and what I thought was a simpler but thought provoking image with a line or two of text to describe…


07 Sep: PISCES Pisces rising saturn 11

Wait, this saturn transit means business  right now and straight through 2019. So here’s our deepest explanation how we would be crazy enough to have linked you , Elizabeth Taylor and your fate over the  coming months. 


30 Aug: We Have to Stay Grounded

BUT WE STILL HAVE TO STAY SOBER AND GROUNDED, don’t we? Or do we? We can’t just float off la-dee-dah into the wild, blue screwyouosphere. We all have commitments and responsibilities to fulfill.  Stuff that’s meaningful and grown up—or was. And if we just take off and move to Timbuktu, believing…


09 Aug: Eclipse from 99-2018

Where were you in 99? Cause we build on that very theme this month.  So it pays to review your notes to make 2019 a jumping off point with less fear the pool could be empty.  In fact this Sun North node eclipse, there is not fear especially because it…


10 Jul: Can Jupiter save us from panic?

10 july 2018 Is Jupiter strong enough to lead us from darkness to light? THE ISSUE WITH JUPITER Some people say that Jupiter rules complacency. It’s a way of copping out of any situation by pinning a wash of unrealistic hopes over a harsher, inescapable reality. Denial and rationalization?  Jupiter…


13 Jun: NEW MOON GEMINI june 2018

TTHE NEW MOON IN GEMINI Infuses the four weeks ahead with the Gemini energy especially in the house occupied by the sign of Gemini. The use of the solar Chart  allows us to speak to a lot of people at once but if you know your rising sign you should…


02 Jun: There are no accidents. Oh, no?

THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS. Oh,no? Maybe not, but you cannot deny that mind-blowing events Often come straight out of the left field – Mars Stationary retrograde approaching a square to Uranus. Events connected with that aspect sure seem like accidents, so it’s often kind of hard to see them as…