06 Aug: Eclipse of the moon: relationships shaky

As the moon approaches the south node on one side of the earth and the sun approaches the north node on the other side of the earth, nobody is standing on firm ground.  Come from the heart, act with integrity and love will win. As I’ve said 1 million times…

01 Aug: When Mars rises above the Sun

This week and following, Mars has primary influence as it rises before dawn with the North Node. In preparation for the solar eclipse Here is some strangely practical advice: Focus on your creative spark and the gratitude you have for the Life Force that burns brightly within you. The Leo…

24 Jun: Next two weeks–roused from slumber

NEXT TWO WEEKS IN REVIEW from 25 june–/ Roused from a sound sleep by a strange face at the window or an unfamiliar knock on the door? Be cautious, not startled. Something must awaken us all from our escapist slumber As the Full Moon occurs at Pluto on its Node….

18 Jun: Next week in review

First of all, there is no news. Ever. We keep combing through the haystack, searching for the needle before we dare sit down. What’s gonna happen today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that? Why do we get so hooked on future predictions? Everything happens— Everything–comes from what…

12 Jun: Time to make the donuts

The Weekly Reader: Although the word “nauseated” is probably more grammatically correct for the general feeling this week, I prefer “nauseous”. It’s so much more descriptive. During the week when Sun opposes Saturn, squares Chiron while Mercury the dispositor of the Sun squares Stationary Neptune—yeah nauseous is a good word….