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Weekly reader: Time to make the donuts

Although the word “nauseated” is probably more grammatically correct for the general feeling this week, I prefer “nauseous”. It’s so much more descriptive.
During the week when Sun opposes Saturn, squares Chiron while Mercury the dispositor of the Sun squares Stationary Neptune—yeah nauseous is a good word.
Like the guy who gets up before dawn every day and mutters,”Time to make the donuts” –that is the sort of feeling. You have to trudge on even while you wonder what the hell you are doing it for when you don’t really give a damn.
Not everybody tho.
A lot of people are jolly-jolly-jolly partying and celebrating. If they can pull that off without drugs, alcohol or stimulants, they are the lucky ones.
So who can successfully ward off the exhaustion and futility? And if so,how?
This is the key to the Jupiter direct station.
Stay tuned. More to come