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Mercury direct 5 sept–back to normal? Uh-uh

Returning to normal?
Not quite.
The direct motion of Mercury in Virgo does restore healthy rational perspective. No matter how disrupted your everyday life has been or how far you’ve deviated from routine, you have to restore some shred of order.

And impossible though it may seem, something akin to sanity does return.

Not quite.
Not quite at all.
Gotta be careful tho. Mercury can create its worst mental pandemonium in the days and hours just before moving from retrograde to direct.
So don’t rush it.
Don’t push it.
It’s what squeezed Bush into the White House in 2000.

Tuesday 5 September is a wiser moment to place your bets.

But will your life be Normal?
Not quite.
The Solar Eclipse of
21 august 2017
Has changed many lives forever.
If you can face yourself boldly, you will see that you have been touched so profoundly, personally and so permanently that you need to make room for a fresh avenue of creativity, new life style and total shift in emotional self- expression.
After that, more or less normal.
Whatever happens thanks to Virgo you’ll keep on ticking
Just have to integrate what has happened with your old “normal” life style.

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Beautiful. Thank you!

Thank you, that’s exactly what happened. There’s just some job to be done with the intergration 😮 I go for it!
And congrats with your new easy-to-read website.

Oh hell yeah. I always appreciate your posts because everything makes sense, the way you explain it all. It’s like a cross-section showing the inner workings of something, always eliciting an ‘aha’ moment!

Love the new site! I’m trying to live with the metamorphasis. Difficult.

Wow! Very well presented, really beautiful and interesting.

Thank you! Love the new site! 🙂

I’m about to go out and try the impossible Mr. Lutin. Your perspective has always enriched my growth and evolution.
If any of my crazy goals are achieved it will be because there are souls like you offering insight.
I love your work – As always it brings me joy.
But now you are helping me “Jump off the Cliff” I have been walking along for a couple years.
Let’s hope it works! There’s a lot to do!

Lov the new site, easy to read and access…great….

This site represents you well…vibrant, creative, intelligent and beautiful, Michael. Sharon and I still talk about you and how you were with us when we began our journey into astrology.

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