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Eclipse takeaway to remember

Mercury and Mars over the eclipse point to remember for a long time:
In all matters of human intimacy–on stage, in the bedroom or the Board Room,

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I am authentically happy to be able to tell you that the site really looks and works wonderfully.

I am a very long term visitor and you have taught me so much. Many Thanks.

Beautiful, engaging, magical site…just like you, Michael. Sharon and I still talk about you
and how much you taught us 50
years ago! Deep regards,

Ditto above. I think I had an original Mac when I first went on … or somewhere near that. Always adore. Thanks, vpb

Beautiful website, Micheal! Congratulations!

Eclipse point sat on my Pluto. F
Discovered a cavern at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean

The new site is mind blowing beautiful !!!!!! Super A+

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