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Venus, Mars, Mercury in Virgo

the maintenance one’s own purpose and singularity:
Although we may be moving in opposite directions from those we deeply love, we are still bonded together.

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Is there purpose in one withdrawing into themselves…
As we see our reflection;
We know the iceberg lies beneath that surface.
Where do we exist?
The image , the vast huge beneath?
The attraction and pulling of others into our depths?
The safety of silence?
Aahh , perhaps the trust that we are good enough, working to be our best and not minding sharing space
Or standing alone.

How do we keep it from completely breaking our heart?

I keep visualizing an image of mycelium as conciousness. We exist in a physical world with an undercurrent of conciousness that brings us together and separates us in a perfect way to help us evolve.
I feel like I’m living at the most remarkable time in my life. No control just trust and love. It’s a little scary but fun!
Your insight is always confirming. (and your new website is wonderful. )

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