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Neptune fools you again haha

  1. Wait, what? Hold on a second, what? Are you telling me I’m being punked?  And I’ve been making myself crazy  over this whole thing and it is all one goddamned joke?  ‘Cause I’m not laughin’ here. 

Neptune fools you
To say that the purpose of Neptune is merely to fool you misses the mark by a about 1,000,000,000 miles.
It does fool you though. You pray for a miracle, because you just know God loves you. You pray and pray and pray, and the miracle seems to get closer, because you know God is listening. But all at once you hear a cold, hollow laugh.
But no. There is a miracle happening. It comes to just a moment after you have lost faith and given up.

The purpose of testing your faith is not to define the miracle you are expecting. It is learning to have faith in what is supposed to happen. It teaches you that you must let something happen, not make something happen. It is about your unfoldment and departure from normal perception and expectation.

What happens is that your naïve imagination creates a scenario that meets your ego’s needs, and Neptune, in its stupefying, ambiguous way will often nurture your particular fantasy, taking you somewhere while it undoes every stitch of psychological yarn that has woven your ego together.

You build on your private little movie, wrapped in the cloak of your own beliefs, drives and wishes for reward… Or punishment. In an effort to reach for the ideal and fulfill some higher goal or responsibility, you shouldn’t blindly follow a mission based on leads, hints, clues, subtle implications and omens which you interpret to fit your particular wishes. If you do that, you’ll be following all the breadcrumbs until you reach a destination, one which leaves you only further away from your original starting point.

That is why Neptune is an exploration of an ideal, but the graph is asymptotic, it’s not linear. You approach ecstasy, but never arrive at an absolute.

In plain English? Here’s some practical advice: wait the half hour after eating a big lunch before you go in swimming. That’s probably just a superstition, but if you can interpret the metaphor to Neptune in Pisces you’ll be way better off.

But wait. It’s not just a cruel joke eternally played on silly believers. Neptune opens up the possibility of a reality drawn on an infinite number of planes, illuminating an infinite number of dimensions, all which exist and none of which exist at the same time. It adds brilliant color and music to an otherwise gray flat featureless surface.

That’s why Neptune rules the wandering mind, and can be euphoric and full of hope that would bring tears to your eyes as if you were about to embrace a long absence and war-weary soldier. It is also Neptune that has you down in despair imagining the worst, most humiliating failure or loss and at the same time and criminalizing your own part in your own downfall.

Excuse the hyperbole. The above manifestation are all potentially possible and true for Neptune but it must be said, that Neptune is responsible for all poetry, art, and all music. The creative artists reaches beyond normal perceptions, drawing beauty on the highest level and manifesting it so that we can see, hear, taste and visit other realms, completely unavailable if we live strictly on a mundane level. The dander of over-reaching and losing touch with normal reality is vital factor creative artists rendering of how he or she interpret the world we are all living in. It is the visionary who sense of mission translates for us a much bigger and comprehensive picture of truth and beauty.

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Thank you for this read. Your articulation reached deeply. I will read again over the next few days to gain even greater understanding of Neptune’s influence.
Really enjoy your site, thanks again. Maria

I can’t even…
Thank you.

Neptune reminds me of riding the carousel as a child. The magical horses, the whirling scenery, the music – like a beautiful dream. And then you have to get off and try to be OK with two
feet on the ground and a rubbery old corn dog.

Dorothy Blackburn

Thank you Michael, clear and concise, beautifully explained.

Very insightful, Michael. I will probably reread this post several times. Not being an astrologer, I wouldn’t know how to interpret planets. That’s why we have you around. But, I have noticed in my life that if I slow down and allow things to happen as opposed to trying to make things happen, I do much better at achieving whatever it is I’m trying to achieve. There are certain universal thruths that can’t necessarily be explained, but for whatever reason, work. You are able to write these truths eloquently.

Er,, Seems like a few astrologers around the place are really hitting there straps at the moment,(coming into full creative power) and this would be one of them.

Good heavens. This is my life, right now.

Beautifully written thank you for sharing your gifts with us a moment in time you open your heart and pour out as we open our hearts and minds to receive.

This is a really beautiful, important message. Thank you.

Beautifully said. Would there be Self knowing without Neptune

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